The Tragic Trajectory of Silence

What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence."
— Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951)
The Shoah The Disturbing Reality for the Remembrancer - A planksip Möbius

The Shoah — The Disturbing Reality for the Remembrancer

The Tragic Trajectory of Silence

What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence."
— Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951)

Paul Celan's homecoming is a death fogue blowing under the earth where we all, at some point, will deterministically return. Facing your pain forms a synthesis of cultural remembrance to be forgotten at our peril.

The tragic trajectory of silence has been around for years, but only recently has it become a topic of conversation among people who suffer from the condition. For those who are suffering from the disorder, it can be difficult to understand why silence is such an important aspect of their lives.

Uncommunicative people exist everywhere. They can be found sitting at a restaurant table, at the office, and even on the sidelines of the telephone. The truth about silence, however, is that it can affect a person's quality of life in a negative way.

Such people are not only less social. They are also less productive in their work. When you don't talk to people, they become quiet and you may find yourself missing opportunities that could make your life better.

Silent individuals are not happy. Even if they talk to people or participate in social activities, their happiness levels are not high. They don't express their feelings. This means that they lack self-confidence and may even feel unloved.

Many humans suffer from depression. Depression is a disorder where people experience low levels of moodiness and feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. When you are depressed, you tend to not communicate with others, which will make it harder for you to get things back on track.

Ludwig Wittgenstein - planksip
Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein was an Austrian-British philosopher who worked primarily in logic, the philosophy of mathematics, the philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of language.
What do Ludwig Wittgenstein and Jane Austen have in common? Find out on planksip.

Silent people can have a very difficult time with relationships. They often feel that their partner is not listening to them or paying attention to them. This means that they are being left out, unloved, and rejected by their partner. This can cause a relationship to break down before it has begun.

These masses can be in and out of hospital rooms. This can occur when a patient suffers from severe medical conditions or if a patient is in pain. If they do not speak to anyone, they are unable to explain their condition to anyone or they do not tell their doctor about what is going on.

Some people cannot speak to their children for fear that they will lose them if they do not interact with them. Even though they love their children, they may feel lonely and that the love they once felt is gone.

Many people have trouble making decisions. They may find themselves stuck in ruts because they do not feel as if they have control over their lives. They may also feel that their decisions are not good for them or that they are making the wrong ones. The result is that they have trouble getting through their day and having a fulfilling and rewarding life.

One of the reasons why there are silent people is because they have a lack of self confidence. They feel that they do not deserve to have a good life or to succeed. The result is that they are not sure of themselves.

People need to understand that if they cannot talk to someone, they are not likely to be able to take care of their health or their finances. This will mean that they do not have the money that they need to pay for their health insurance. They can lose their job and end up having to live off the government.

Living with this problem can lead to depression and anxiety, which will make it harder to pay the bills and be able to take care of others. It can make it harder to make ends meet. It can also result in them doing things that may put them at risk.

The tragic trajectory of silence is not something that you should have to live with. You can overcome it. There are many ways that you can learn how to speak to others. The best way to do that is by learning from other people who have overcome the problems.

Prosecute the Persecutors

Wherever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must at that moment become the center of the universe."
Elie Wiesel (1928-2016)

The titled responsion is...

Elie Wiesel - planksip
Eliezer Wiesel was a writer, professor, political activist, Nobel Laureate, and Holocaust survivor. Night, a work based on his experiences as a prisoner in the Nazi concentration camps.
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What we do to the persecutors will define us. Do we prosecute or educate, rehabilitate or isolate? This sounds like a question of jurisprudence. Dismantling the tendencies of bad actors and the misguided malware they originate from is a task of epic proportions.

The Shoah — The Disturbing Reality for the Remembrancer — A planksip Möbius

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