About the Cultural Journalism Podcast

Cultural Journalism is a captivating weekly YouTube live show and podcast that delves deep into the world of arts, literature, music, film, and everything related to culture. We are dedicated to bringing you insightful interviews, thought-provoking discussions, and engaging content that celebrates the rich tapestry of human creativity and expression.

Platforms and Distribution

At planksip, we understand the importance of reaching a broad audience. That's why our podcast is available on the following six platforms:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Amazon Music
  • Google
  • Samsung Podcasts
  • YouTube

Whether you prefer to listen on the go, watch live shows, or catch up with our episodes later, we have you covered. So tune into your favourite platform and immerse yourself in the world of culture.

Packages (Free, Donation, and Membership)

We offer a range of sponsorship packages designed to support talented individuals and amplify their voices. By sponsoring Cultural Journalism, you gain exposure to our engaged audience and become a part of our mission to promote cultural diversity and creativity. This is ideal for authors who want to target a particular audience.

Free Sponsorship Package

Because everyone deserves to be heard, we offer a free sponsorship package. To qualify, you must be a published author or have a significant social media presence (you determine, we trust you). We only ask that you spread the love and share your appearance on our show with your network. To apply, please submit a 30-second vertical-orientated video clip related to one of our upcoming topics to the host of the show Daniel Sanderson. Your "short" will be published on three YouTube channels with a combined subscriber count of 65,000.

Now let's get down to business, shall we?

$101 Donation

Our $101 donation offers you incredible value. This package includes the following:

Review of your book, event, or cultural contribution by planksip.org: Our team of esteemed reviewers will provide a thoughtful and insightful analysis of your work, giving it the exposure it deserves.

Pre-recorded interview for release on the podcast: Engage with our hosts in a fascinating discussion that showcases your creative journey, ideas, and inspirations. Your interview will be featured on our podcast, allowing our audience to get to know you more deeply.

$101 per Month Sponsorship Package (MEMBERSHIP)

With your $101 monthly re-occurring sponsorship, you receive ongoing promotion and support. This package includes the following:

Review of your book, event, or cultural contribution by planksip.org: Each month, our team will highlight and review your content on planksip.org, a trusted platform for literary analysis and recommendations in the social sciences.

Multiple pre-recorded interviews for release on the podcast: We will conduct various pre-recorded interviews to provide further insights into your creative process and promote your work. Your interview will be featured on our podcast, ensuring that our listeners can connect with your story, buy your book or donate to a cause you care about.

Monthly organic promotion: We believe in organic growth, and we'll promote your book or social media platform monthly on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. This multi-channel approach will help expand your reach and connect you with a broader audience.

Membership Status on planksip.org: Membership with planksip includes one of the following;

  • Access to planksip Founder, Daniel Sanderson
  • Personalized content co-creation plan
  • One of the following three pathways;
  • 1) Writer's Cooperative competition participant
  • 2) A hosted video podcast, series (platformed, produced, and promoted)
  • 3) Publishing services
  • Official planksip contributor, with (depending on quality) a soft publish or hard published permissions
  • Access to literary analysis tools, including;
  • a) the planksip P.A.S.F. and,
  • b) index analysis with instance counts and other custom categories
  • Free Content Creation Services

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Join Us and Celebrate Culture!

Cultural Journalism is more than just a podcast and live show. It's a vibrant community that celebrates culture in all its forms. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the diverse and fascinating world of arts, literature, music, and more. Whether you're an artist, author, musician, or culture lover, we invite you to join our show and share your unique perspective.

Let's make a difference together and spotlight the beauty of cultural expression!

The Cultural Journalism podcast is an ongoing collaboration between planksip® and Something or Other Publishing.