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Socratically inspired, this midwifery of sorts is an aesthetic arrangement, a revealing process on display for all to experience. Let's co-create and disseminate!

Steve Keen and Friends

Professor Steve Keen is an internationally recognized Economist. Described by Vox Day and Daniel Sanderson as "the greatest living economist", this video series is designed to bring out Steve's natural humility. Joined by regular guests Daniel Sanderson and Tyrone Keynes (Ty), the series will oscillate between friendly banter and economic excellence.

COVID & Climate Change Correlations with Professor Steve Keen

The pandemic is the warm-up exercise, the trial run in the mad scramble to form some sort of comprehensible and realistic response to deal with the accelerating warming of the climate and the biodiversity imbalance that we, as a species, have wrought on this planet. Work is an economic activity that, until now, is largely incompatible with the health of the planet. This channel explores these topics and more. Themed around the post-Keynesian economics of Professor Steve Keen, we have a solution. The question remains, will we change or blindly follow the doctrine of "business as usual"?

What's What with Bill Meacham, Ph.D. Philosopher

The Carmen ex-deputy Six-Part Series

In this six-part series, I speak with Carmen Medina about her history as an ex-deputy Director with the CIA, her life as a consultant and the benefit of thinking better.

The Philosophy of Technology

ITSPmagazine Podcast Network is a modern innovative platform trying to grow a global space where intelligent conversations begin.

Talk is the Best Medicine

Listen to the Global Health Impact Project's podcast series, "Talk is the Best Medicine." We speak with researchers and activists from the diverse fields of public health who are tackling issues such as medication prices, access to medicines, and the general state of global health.

Sponsored by Global Health Impact in partnership with planksip.

Philosophy Talks with Bob and Scott

Philosophy Talks, With Bob And Scott, is a series of conversations about fundamental philosophical ideas, problems, and topics, from A to Z.

These conversations aim to move us beyond the false dichotomy between Analytic philosophy and so-called “Continental” philosophy–as if there were no other relevant alternatives: but in fact, there is at least one–toward a broadly and radically Kantian philosophy of the future.