Genocide I: Rwanda

8’ (h) x4’(w), pencil on paper 2012.

15 days ago

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This piece is a study for a trilogy of paintings on genocide. The three pieces combined explore the economic motivation towards genocide. The factors include race, land acquisition, oil, and other financially profitable businesses for the very wealthy – the people in power. In this investigation, I have depicted Yasuo Fukuda, Tony Blair, Paul Martin, Gerald Schroder, Silvio Berlusconi, George W. Bush, Jacques Chirac, Vladimir Putin, and Jose Barroso. They are depicted as half-machine digging up the different genocides contained within a human breast. During the Rwanda genocide, many countries had a policy of non-admittance to other countries thus trapping those who wanted out and obliterating most of the population. The drawing depicts various brutal ways in which the Hutus and the Tutsis obliterated each other. The economically powerful in this scene are Yasuo Fukuda, Tony Blair, and Paul Martin.

8’ (h) x4’(w), pencil on paper 2012. 
Linda Sibio

Published 15 days ago