The Economics of Suffering

Poetic Pond of Despair

13” (h) x 20” (w), gouache on paper on Dibond, 2018.

Linda Sibio
Jun 11, 2022
1 min read

Susan Diva was a waitress at a place called the “Disaster Lounge.” Men sexually harassed her while paying her minimum wage. The boss kept the tips. She has a daughter who lives to play “ducky” in the bath. They sleep on box springs. One day, Susan Diva climbed the “torture” mountain made of dead trees and slippery gold coins. When she got to the top, she lay across a point that tore her psyche apart. People jumping off the mountain are running from the World Bank and fall into the green abyss.

13” (h) x 20” (w), gouache on paper on Dibond, 2018.

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