Tire Factory

He who seeks rest finds boredom. He who seeks work finds rest.

- Dylan Thomas (1914-1953)

Amco tank near street
The Business of Insomnia - Another Tired planksip Pun

The Business of Insomnia - Another Tired planksip Pun

Tire Factory

Inspired by Dylan Thomas's (1914-1953) quote, "He who seeks rest finds boredom. He who seeks work finds rest". The titled responsion is...

Dylan Thomas - planksip
Dylan Marlais Thomas was a Welsh poet and writer whose works include the poems “Do not go gentle into that good night” and “And death shall have no dominion”; the ‘play for voices’ Under Milk Wood...
What do Dylan Thomas and Frederick the Great have in common? Find out on planksip.

Bush's Motivational Mantra

Inspired by George W. Bush's (1946-present) quote, "We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail." The titled responsion is...

George W. Bush - planksip
George Walker Bush is an American politician who served as the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009. He was also the 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000
What do George W. Bush and Dylan Thomas have in common? Find out on planksip.

In this titled responsion, Bush's motivational mantra is tiresome especially coming from a tire factory. The caption on the meme further emphasizes sleepless nights and a double entendre.

Mr. Bush was a talented administrative and strategic player who, as president, helped end forty years of Cold War and the danger of atomic commitment with a nuanced treatment of the breakdown of the Soviet Union and the freedom of Eastern Europe.

“Even grief recedes with time and grace. But our resolve must not pass. Each of us will remember what happened that day, and to whom it happened. We'll remember the moment the news came -- where we were and what we were doing. Some will remember an image of a fire or a story of rescue. Some will carry memories of a face and a voice gone forever.”
- George W. Bush

President during an earth-shattering period in American history, George W. Hedge offers his musings on eight years in the Oval Office, the difficulties confronting our country in the 21st century, and the intensity of opportunity.

George W. Bramble filled in as 43rd President of the United States of America from 2001-2009. As Commander in Chief, President Bush attempted to extend opportunity, opportunity, and security at home and abroad. His Administration transformed America's training framework, reestablished vigorous private-division financial development and employment creation, ensured our condition, and sought after a far-reaching system to protect America after the psychological militant assaults on September 11, 2001.

After the Presidency, President Bush and previous First Lady Laura Bush established the George W. Bramble Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas. The Bush Center is home to the George W. Hedge Presidential Library and Museum and the George W. Shrubbery Institute, an objective open arrangement, and authority advancement.

President Bush is the writer of three smash-hit books: Decision Points (2010), 41: A Portrait of My Father (2014), and Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors (2017). On March 2, 2021, President Bush will distribute another book entitled Out of Many, One: Portraits of America's Immigrants. He and Laura are the guardians of twin little girls: Barbara, wedded to Craig Coyne, and Jenna, wedded to Henry Hager. The Bushes additionally are the glad grandparents of Margaret Laura "Mila", Poppy Louise, and Henry Harold "Hal" Hager.

A volunteer is an individual who can perceive what others can't see; who can feel what most don't feel. Frequently, such skilled people don't consider themselves volunteers, however as residents - residents in the fullest sense: accomplices in development

Bush always meant that America should consistently dismiss racial extremism, against Semitism, and disdain in all structures. As we appeal to God for Charlottesville, we are helped to remember the central certainties recorded by that city's most conspicuous resident in the Declaration of Independence: "We are totally made equivalent and supplied by our Creator with unalienable rights. We realize these facts to be never-ending since we have seen the conventionality and significance of our nation."


“...My advice to young people might be as follows:

1. Don't get down when your life takes a bad turn. Out of adversity comes challenge and often success.
2. Don't blame others for your setbacks.
3. When things go well, always give credit to others.
4. Don't talk all the time. Listen to your friends and mentors and learn from them.
5. Don't brag about yourself. Let others point out your virtues, your strong points.
6. Give someone else a hand. When a friend is hurting, show that friend you care.
7. Nobody likes an overbearing big shot.
8. As you succeed, be kind to people. Thank those who help you along the way.
9. Don't be afraid to shed a tear when your heart is broken because a friend is hurting.
10. Say your prayers!!”

-George H.W. Bush, All The Best, George Bush: My Life and Other Writings

As Mr. Bush moved into the last long stretches of his life, there were signs that time had abandoned him. A modest bunch of ladies blamed him for improperly contacting them as they were having their photos taken with him. Mr. Bush's office said the signals, he tapped them on the back, were implied in a genial way, however, stated: "to anybody, he has outraged, President Bush apologizes most genuinely."

The Business of Insomnia - Another Tired planksip Pun

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