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The expressive aesthetic before you is, in fact, narrative in nature. Within and around the printed media, this collection is deeply philosophical, contemporary and easily scalable. Why scalable?

10 months ago

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The expressive aesthetic before you is, in fact, narrative in nature. Within and around the printed media, this collection is deeply philosophical, contemporary and easily scalable. Why scalable? As you are well aware, Art is a business, and competing through the attrition and attention of information overload, the larger-than-life posthumous portfolios have earned their places in the hearts of the public and the halls of galleries around the world. Newbies beware, the curation of culture is defined by the populous. However commodity-based the previous statement sounds, newly formed and articulates the value of art - intrinsic and perpetual. Making art Work for the community is the approach with this collection.  

“Embrace the narratives and engage with the conceptual, replacing the visual from the möbius within.” - Daniel Sanderson

Authorship becomes pluralistic and a statement in and of itself. The complete expression starts and ends in a möbius, forever turning in and away from itself. This proposal will outline a unique approach to funding, display and a structured source of income to support artists in your community and beyond.

The Art Works Series offers galleries an alternative approach to leveraging community art. This proposal will step you through the rationale and the logistics of integrating the series into your community and beyond. As you will see, planksip® is presenting you with an opportunity to showcase and discuss something new with a framework for engagement unlike anything you or your patrons have ever experienced.

Twenty-Seven and the Hegemony of Homer

The Hegemony is Ancient Greek with expressions of alpha, beta and beyond. Twenty-seven in all, this exclusive collection contains uniquely articulated narratives and an accompanying pluralistic “floating” representation.

I See Said the Blind Poet - A Incipit planksip® Inspiration

Printed on a white matte metallic surface (aluminum) with an insert metal frame ready for display, this particular piece measures 24 by 16 inches. All planksip® art will be limited edition prints, 27 prints in all, each numbered with their own certificate of authenticity.

Delivery is worldwide...

The filmstrip accent is the iconography of the double möbius in the familiar colours we all search for. The spinning version of this entity morphs into something more circular. Motion modifies matter, and as we shall see the möbius that underlies the motivations of millions remains hidden until it is discovered. The falling ‘p’ leverages “The Fall” of man in a perpetual downward and reflective visual. The insipid-reversal of the capital ‘p’ represents planksip®, then ‘d’ and sometimes ‘q’ or ‘b’ and coalesce into the graphic that looks like eighty-eight. Double-duty dictates virtue in an obligatory sense. Oblivious to the patterns that underpin our perspectives.

Biology is a storyboard, our partially populated blank canvas. Branding is present, yes, that is true. The platform is organic. The inspiration is incipit and capital to the narratives we consume. Sip your knowledge like a hot cup of coffee (or tea)...

Writers, Creator and Curators are all Welcome to Apply Themselves

This is my virtual card. I stand for a brand and the thought concepts that dominate my consciousness. “These are my thoughts. What are yours?”, is an often repeated vlogging soundbite. Whether it’s a YouTube aphorism or a philosophical debate, the aesthetic is ephemeral. Speaking of social media, what is your engagement strategy? Do you monetize your love of art outside your physical space? Let me show you a few mutually beneficial alternatives. Consider it an exchange of sorts, a mutually expressive pathway to pay-it-forward. My brand is important for me to express, promote and disseminate. If you, the curator and lover of art agree to showcase any portion of the Art Works collection, I will, in return, share with you the following generous compensation.

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Alpha: Neither Male or Female, the Dominant Force is Chaos. Nothing More.

Chaos by planksip® - Vergina Sun from The Golden Larynx

Hindsight is an ephemeral conceit of wisdom, made humble with humility. Past events do not dictate future outcomes for two reasons. Entropy (or randomness), and a categorical imperative to assign categories to information structures, in other words, bringing order to the chaos. Making mundane the "messy-ness" around us is the role of (most) religion and entertaining spiritual or heavenly aspirations. Alternatives realize the wonder of our world. Ephemeral yet wonderful. Cruel at times, yet forgiving in others. Onion skinning emotions onto reality is a fallacy. Or is it? Grasping this concept is important to understanding the determinism of big data. This is the point where Physics and Metaphysics combine. Quantifying the unpredictable is falsifiable if considered through the lens of probability philosophy. The metaphysician asks, “What is real?” Answered in probabilities, randomness is self-similar all the way down to the quantum level. Forget the turtles, it’s randomness all the way down!

“... time in Shakespeare, most incisively in the Sonnets, constitute an anthology of perceptions comparable only to those in Dante and in Proust. There is, one hazard, a poetics and a metaphysics of temporality to be harvested from the mere …” - George Steiner

Shakespeare, Dante, and Proust are the exemplars of temporality, their creations marching to the forward and backward cadence of time. At what point does futurity and memory become uniquely human? To encapsulate immediacy of experience with a non-human sense of the past, present and future would be to define non-human consciousness. The concept of cadence within time is very interesting and obvious in the works of Shakespeare, Dante, and Proust. Read Shakespeare's Sonnets or anything by Proust or Dante. Our current day perception of time will undoubtedly change over time. Is the Shakespearean sense of time different than Dante's? The theme of repeatable time dates back as far as language itself. Time binds the anthology of perception and consciousness. Out of his sound-proofed, fumigated hive, Proust secreted a multitudinous society, a city for thought and for feeling rivalling Dante's. By force of sub-liminal bookkeeping - precisely the same budget was adhered to by Kierkegaard - Proust bent and through solitude created a city of thought rivalling Dante's.

Duality Statement: Which is more prolific in thought leadership? Silos of solitude or theories of chaos? Solitude is great for creative minds but nothing is created in a vacuum. Who hasn't created a mind palace? Well for some it may be more of a weekend cottage. Thought-scapes are typical to the forced solitude of the creator. Again, which is more prolific in thought leadership, silos of solitude versus simple chaos? Complex imaginary worlds give our minds additional space to be creative and exist as the origin of innovation.

Steiner's perception of ever-increasing violence and chaos in society is contrasted with Steven Pinker's 2011 book; The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined. Take your pick, but please pay for it with intellectual sweat. An honest and heartfelt attempt is what I am asking of you.

Is Big Data a metaphysical conversation on chaos? How do we parse this increase in information? No grand narrative exists as the academics philosophize, for we are in post-modernity! What follows? Mass extinction?

To identify matter as one category of Thomistic causation let's go for the biggest question of all. Why does life matter? "Life matters because it matters", is hardly the response expected by Thomas Aquinas or Aristotle with his four-part deconstruction of causation. Perhaps it's the correct answer? From a material cause, it has a new determination, as formed by humanity. For me, formal causation is the node of negation processed through the minds of millions. Efficient is Physics all the way down and final causation shows us a utility for nihilism. It provides perspective, a Point of Propagation. The next step is semantics, which adds more structure to the information. It is my humble request for Science, Reason and Humanity to declassify and demystify the information structures that comfort modernity. Rebuild them if you must, but don't lose the original perspectives and always, always ask, “What if?” During this process additional classifications may surround concepts, these are information structures and provide order to our chaos. Make the correlations, build data sets to look at the data in a multitude of different ways. Create algorithms to enhance the efficiency of living, not just consuming.

Fractals are fascinating,  our consciousness runs counterpoint to the laws of the universe. I am hesitant to say, “fine-tuned” because of the implications of a tuner or a tinkerer. Consciousness will change. This is inevitable. It may not be measurable in the next decade but let’s pause for a moment and acknowledge a 5,000-year awareness of the self in a social, replicable sense. Sui generis with Science is self-replicating social awareness. The fall of Science is the fall of humankind as we know it. In the meantime and in between time we have user illusions and the quantum world. Fundamental to the expansion of the universe, entropy permeates and makes possible the diversity we find in life. Complex beings will become more complex or thrive trying. Survival is bringing order to the chaos of complexity. As our consciousness expands, so must our perceptions. I find it rewarding to imagine 5,000 years from now, how about 50,000 years, 500,000 years, 5 million years, or 5 billion years from now. What will the human species look like? Is consciousness the same? This is, of course, assuming a preemptive extinction. Thinking so is naive. For me, the more probable outcome of this thought experiment is a merger with technology, the direction of which is dictated by the efficiency of information. A disruption in resources may slow this inevitable march forward, but only one thing will stop this metamorphosis of the human species and that would be the extinction of prior knowledge. A reset, the extinction of what it was like to be human returns the entire existence of humanity to nothingness. Awareness is consciousness. Without awareness we have no consciousness.

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others."  - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Beta: Blockers Beware! The Time for Action is Upon Us.

“Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist.” - Epicurus

The problem with the above quote from Epicurus is that our loved ones suffer, we suffer anticipating death and experiencing the death of our loved ones. Epicurus, however, was Epicurean and attempted, through philosophical thoughts to remain immune to the emotional dependency and love of others.

The Nike Mythology and the Hopium it Defines - Another planksip® Möbius

Chi: Hegelian Reversals and Platonic Caves

In a Hegelian reversal, our minds would not exist without the body. Innate to the sensibilities of Darwinian teachings, symbiotic and symbolic change is manifest. Both the mind and the body evolved to its current state of glory and perfected imperfection; an adaptation to the environment and the social structures necessary for flourishing and survival. The mind, as we know it, came "online" approximately 50,000 years ago. This timeline of natural history is described as Prehistory with a bone of a bird used as a sewing needle and found in the Denisova Cave in Siberia, Russia. "X woman" refers to the maternal descent of mitochondrial DNA found in this "Bear Cave". Assuming we had enough DNA to reanimate this woman, would her identity be “resubstantiated”? This ancient bone-needle represents a metaphorical anchor point of perspective. A planksip® ontology threaded through time; through the eyes of Newton's Giants.

A World Outside the Cave Looks Like Europa

Delta: Inescapable Positions of Individuation

Are you ready? Ready for the paradigm shift? Our comprehension and artificial manipulation of information structures are changing the landscape of life. The evolution of our species is already millions of years in the making. The definition of consciousness is a delta function, a change over time of the mind over matters of perceived reality. Time is an important dimension to the definition of consciousness and I am surprised that it doesn't filter into every discussion.

Ishans Muse and planksip® Mobius Maker 8420

I think of part two of Gogol’s Dead Souls, why did Gogol destroy part two before his death? Part one pointed out the flaws in Russian figures of speech, and Gogol was synonymous with arguing from the status quo.  

Stalinist fear nullified Bakhtin and now a theorist that we can only speculate about. His work has, in large measure, perished under the Stalinist steam roller. I enjoyed Dead Souls and have some of my own thoughts as to where this Russian story was headed. As Tolstoy said of Anna Karenina, the character told her own story and a life of her own. He suffered a great sadness when the story that defined Anna ended.

Epsilon (missing): 1 of 5 missing pieces. Discovery is a Relative Term.

Finding the truth of all matter is all that natters. Listen. Can you hear the nattering? It has no sound but a frequency for sure. Continuation is continuity, according to Heraclitus, so make a move, any move and take responsibility for the consequences, for now. Until such time as the information overload, or overLord (take your pick) immobilizes the movement of the masses we will have personal responsibility and societal duty to uphold; scenes to recreate, and memories to memorize. Not another Utopian Oh-no-matopian Language Game. Oh no, onomatopoeia sounds like a utopian game with and within language itself. Under no duress do I digress. My regression is away from the mean, away from the shelter under the curve of the bell.

To The Mountain Top - A planksip® Möbius in the Know

Eta: Arrival is Better Late Than Never with Autonomous Cars

Bent earthward we are like heliotropic plants, tethered to our data exhaust and deterministic devices. More than less (more-or-less) drivers are distracted by not only by the devices we worship but also the increase in, and legalization of, marijuana. I am not saying that more pot smokers are driving vehicles but the societal perception of its consumption is changing, the effects of which will manifest in a multitude of ways. We are looking at a moving target of safety with lives hanging in the balance.

Driverless Cars - Who's Driving Whom - A planksip® Premonition of Paranoia

Gamma (missing): 2 of 5 missing pieces. Discovery is a Relative Term.

Split The Difference - Time for Something Different Courtesy of planksip®

“Make it new”, reminds Ezra Pound. Commonly attributed to Hegel, yet the credit should be directed at his student. Compare and contrast your thesis with the antithesis. Where the opposing thoughts meet and synthesis happens within the synapse, neurotransmitters are the prime movers, dependent defined internal changing material substance. The mashup of reason and argumentation already exists within intellectual discussion, Big Data is the new kid to the playground and no one really knows how to play with her. Her father figure, excuse the momentary pedagogic pun, is no other than Al Gore dancing to the beat of an algorithm. Temperamental and sometimes surprising, black swan I mean, playground games are imaginative. Probabilistically speaking, imagination is intuitive before it’s after the fact. We all must become proficient, thinking in probabilities that is, which is easier than we think. Be the gambler without the fallacy.

Iota: Why I Iota Ask Why?

Aristotle was always searching for function and proper place. This was his aesthetic. William James spoke about 'Streams of Consciousness', David Bohm tried to bridge Philosophy with Physics. Irritable aesthetics? Persistent and self-fulfilling, perpetual in time. My tastes are eclectic. Romantic for sure, and always optimistic.  Enlightened, Optimistic, Romantic, Eclectic. E.O.R.E. Can you tell I just made that up? I am concerned with the romantics of the past, pitted against the progressive tendencies of the Enlightened Ones. Can we be both Romantic and Enlightened and still be Progressive and Pragmatic? I say yes!

Pastoral Romantics and a planksip® Möbius Hardly Worth Repeating

Kappa: Games of Chance with a Throw of the Astraguli

Manifest throughout history are rubbernecking, power yielding figures of speech and action redirected towards the direction of a beautiful woman. Pascal points out that the shape of Cleopatra's nose could have altered history as we know it. Two dimes represent a choice of probability similar to the astragali, beyond a head or tail, Venus or the dog throw. The probability of a "pair of dimes" representing a shift in paradigm, is directly related to our collective interpretation of truth.

I See Said the Blind Poet - A Incipit planksip® Inspiration

Lamda (missing): 3 of 5 missing pieces. Discovery is a Relative Term.

Keystone Ethics Courtesy of planksip® and the Value Chain

Shoulders contain should so I leave this as an ethical instance because of the axiomatic necessity these rubrics of knowledge play in the house built by Newton. I “should” also point out that the giants don’t end at Newton, they are pre-Socratic at times and others Tobe Determined will be revealing.

The ethic and use of should in this instance refers to an endorsement for producing something worthy of exchange or replication. Ability is a watch-word for responsibility and has lengthy applications in our perspectives on the topics of free will and consciousness. Do you have an ability to respond?    

The cult of Dionysus is also a "cult of the souls"; his maenads feed the dead through blood-offerings, and he acts as a divine communicant between the living and the dead. He is sometimes categorized as a dying-and-rising God. Sound familiar? The mythology of Dionysus get points for originality, subsequent allusions are attempts reincarnated of Dionysus. Ethical? Not so much.

Mu: 88 is the Number that Makes the Möbius Move - Albeit Slowly

Pair-Bonded Bifurcation and the Möbius Methods that Bond

Nu: Economies Beyond Our Current Capacity to Care

“Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist.” - Epicurus

We suffer anticipating death and experiencing the death of our loved ones. Epicurus, however, was Epicurean and attempted, through philosophical thoughts to remain immune to the emotional dependency and love of others. Do you agree that self-reflection is a social construct? This is axiomatic to culture and permeates society yet for some reason we run on autopilot for much of our daily experiences and interactions. The value of social and kin-based support structures is educational. If these social mechanisms fail, society is sickly. Vulnerability and dependence versus independence produce a different quality of life. Autonomy is not a factor here and remains unscathed in a model of social interdependence. The flavour of emotion that grows and flourishes beyond the self, formes stable and sustainable community structures. Placating acts of appeasement are insulting and disingenuous! Vulnerability is not the same as risk if we all have skin in the game. Not to say that gestures are not appreciated but achieving harmony is much more systemic. We are a social species. Social flourishing is necessary for individual flourishing and living a life worth living. We value Epicurean thought and philosophy, however, the lack of group dependency and autonomy coupled with isolation produces elbow swinging miners. “Mine… mine… mine,” says the consumer of creature comforts. The fruits of our labour are only “ours” when “they” say so! This is a surrender of sorts and vulnerability of authority. Think of the fallacy of the same name. Dialectic, discourse and dependency are ideal. Let the argument live or die based on the evidence. Death is part of the process. Pulling the ideal from the utopian requires efficiency of information flow. Time is all we have. Finite and self-similar, “ours” is defined in hours, not individual ownership. This Conservative pathology is contemporary to our present day Politique étrangère (foreign and domestic). Redistribution of wealth is one possibility but hard to achieve and even harder to enforce, hardest to re-enforce - flawed I would say, without destroying fundamental values of Western culture. “Mine” is cultural, “mine” is social, the ability of the individual to assess this value is essential to stability. Models of wealth redistribution must integrate individual autonomy to maintain robust models of utilitarian survival and not threaten capitalist stability. Better yet make them organic. In some regard, consumerism functions as an equalizer. However much we despise the waste and environmental consequences of consumerism, eliminating our consumptive habits will not be realized without the severest of consequences. Believing in  materialism, in the consumer sense, functions as an economic exaggerator, spreading an ephemeral version of wealth. No class is immune to the temptations of the market economies, not even the offspring of our cherished liberal democracies.

The Capital Vice is Excessive Consumption - A planksip®  Möbius

Omega: Fatty Acids, Brain Health, and the Pathways to Prosperity

Plato believed mimesis to be less than ideal, Charles Caleb Colton, on the other hand, uses imitation in its sincerest form to flatter. With function over form, we acknowledge the disarming quality of this rhetorical approach. Suspending the goodness principle, the Hellenic suffers from the incongruent and the eudaemonia it elicits. Like Aristotle, we also possess the hubris of categorizing imitation as beneficial. Perhaps this is the foundation of my self-professed romanticism.

Back of the Envelope Calculations - Look Inside this planksip® Möbius

Omicron (missing): 4 of 5 missing pieces. Discovery is a Relative Term.

Socrates versus Fat Tony - A planksip® Satire on the Teleb Trampoline

"It is what you do not know, that matters." - N.N. Teleb

Take the materialist empiricist views of truth through the senses from Sextus Empiricus (2nd century AD) to Bacon and Hume to the Logical Positivists; Karl Popper and AJ Ayer. Is this world better than realities through abstract reasoning? The rationalists, the idealists? Plato’s non-physical forme, Kant’s moral laws, and René Descartes with the Mind-Body Problem that persists to this day. Abstract reasoning is a gentle hawk in a sky of doves, without it prosperity would look a whole lot different. We just need to know where to apply it take precautions not to prevent increasingly complex social institutions without a mechanism or relief valve for these sensibilities. Encouraging innovation should solve entitlement and actions of affirmation.

Phi: Cartesian Vortices Negated by Newton Through the Doubt Function

In Rene Descartes’ famous phrase, Cogito ergo sum, we dropped the prefix of doubt from this thought concept. Few people realize the context that this was written. It should be represented as, “I doubt I think, therefore I am”. Why did we drop the doubt? Purge it like an appendage, an unnecessary extension of cognition? Really? Doubt is a pillar of Reason. Do I really need to justify that claim and how it relates to consciousness? It seems like an impossibility that the “lights” will turn on in the same way without a doubtful, thinking self. AI researchers and number theorists should keep this in mind if replicating human consciousness is their “prime” directive.

Doubt Makes You Think - Cogito Ergo Sum - The Cartesian Presupposition

Pho: Forward Thinking is Sometimes Swayed by the Flock

Anyone that has driven a vehicle must think about what it means to relinquish control. Conversations on this transition from the automobile to the driverless-car are so important, cultural in fact. In fiction, the narratives that the open road takes remind me of Grapes of Wrath, Thelma and Louise, and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, each representing a degree of exodus from the confines of individual predictability. The road less travelled and absence of A to B monotony will soon fall under moment-to-movement dictates of algorithms and statistical averages. Now is the time for ethical and moral evaluations. More than a gesture of empty appreciation there is justification in my words of thanks. This conversation is about control and the relinquishment of said control.

Current Events of the Herd Reduced to Irrationality - A planksip® Warning

Pi: A Piece of Poetry is Sometimes All We Need.

Objective theory places the poet in a microcosm, whereas Plato’s concept of mimesis prevented poets from joining the Republic.

Poetic Theory
Mimetic within the Universe
Pragmatic for the Audience
Expressive of the Self
Objective of Itself
- Will Freeman

The Balance of Power is Liberating Justice

Psi: A Big Relief as Life Keeps on Rollin

Know or No One Self - The Choice is Ours - A Rolling planksip® Möbius

Sigma: Seven Sages Signify a Heptagram - Luck has Nothing to do with it!

With so many nodes of negation, the plethora of possibilities ensure categories of increasing complexity. These information structures of the "future will", will pave the way to prosperity. In order for lady liberty to remain in a state of timeless beauty, we will have to defend her existence. This is beyond the philosophy of existentialism, beyond Being and Nothingness...

What are you Stairing At - Ballooning Out of Control - A planksip® Warning

Tau: Tell the Truth they Say. Replication Ain’t Easy.

Challenging certainties and societal norms lead to new paths with periodic clearings of cognition. The act of challenging doesn’t mean dismantling, even with deconstructive maneuvers, fundamental concepts and the building blocks of our Giants remain relevant to the history of our Being.

Left hand turns in thought are much like distancing yourself from your Ego only to turn towards envy. A path towards the clearing is not through the ditches of envy. If left is wrong, what is right? I propose indifference as right, yet incorrect. Darwinian sensibilities point our that we don't choose our inheritable traits. What makes a trait heritable in the first place? Something that replicates at a faster rate ??

Maher’s Razor - Cut Out Bureaucracy - Cut the Red Tape - A planksip® Suggestion

Theta: To Bee or Not to Bee, That is an Extinction Worth Surviving

A disruption in resources may slow this inevitable march forward, but only one thing will stop this metamorphosis of the human species and that would be the extinction of prior knowledge. A reset, the extinction of what it was like to be human returns the entire existence of humanity to nothingness. Awareness is consciousness. Without awareness we have no consciousness.

Life is the Only Replacement for Hope - Another planksip® Möbius Maker

We are unknown, we knowers, ourselves to ourselves: this has its own good reason. We have never searched for ourselves—how should it then come to pass, that we should ever find ourselves? Rightly has it been said: "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Our treasure is there, where stand the hives of our knowledge. It is to those hives that we are always striving; as born creatures of flight, and as the honey-gatherers of the spirit, we care really in our hearts only for one thing—to bring something "home to the hive!"

As far as the rest of life with its so-called "experiences" is concerned, which of us has even sufficient serious interest? or sufficient time? In our dealings with such points of life, we are, I fear, never properly to the point; to be precise, our heart is not there, and certainly not our ear. Rather like one who, delighting in a divine distraction, or sunken in the seas of his own soul, in whose ear the clock has just thundered with all its force its twelve strokes of noon, suddenly wakes up, and asks himself, "What has in point of fact just struck?" so do we at times rub afterwards, as it were, our puzzled ears, and ask in complete astonishment and complete embarrassment, "Through what have we in point of fact just lived?" further, "Who are we in point of fact?" and count, after they have struck, as I have explained, all the twelve throbbing beats of the clock of our experience, of our life, of our being—ah!—and count wrong in the endeavour. Of necessity we remain strangers to ourselves, we understand ourselves not, in ourselves we are bound to be mistaken, for of us holds good to all eternity the motto, "Each one is the farthest away from himself"—as far as ourselves are concerned we are not "knowers." - The Geneology of Morals (1887, 1913) by Friedrich Nietzsche

The Tic Toc Talisman and the Idols that Define Hour Time - A planksip® Möbius

Upsilon (missing): Hi 5 for the missing pieces. Discovery is a Relative Term.

A pattern is apparent and stylistic. It's an Expressionistic revival with none of the yearning and twice the anxiety. Writers write in streams of placating consciousness. Nothing like the originality of a Virginia Woolf's, To The Lighthouse. Self-deprecation is politically correct and counts for a pass to the party. It feels like we are in the eye of the storm.

"Independent adaptive and selective mechanics regulate most of what we do and how we navigate randomness in our environments." - Dr. Cory Elliot

Hope is an Addiction and Should be Treated As Such - A planksip® Faux Pas

Xi: Excessive is the Emphasis, Capitalize on Virtues not Valuation

Sdafasdfkl; appears to be a typo. Capitalized, this ten letter arrangement, incipit to this line, will terminate. Beyond first appearance, the repetition of this word is commanded into existence, as Nietzsche demanded, the echo of which is destined to disappear. The bundle of information that we represent is no different. Once the familiarity of kin bias fades, perceived cultural significance is the only barrier to oblivion. This black hole of light may surface again, generated by pure randomness the outcome is self replicating.

The Capital Vice is Excessive Consumption - A planksip® Möbius

Zeta: The End is Near and So is the Relief. What Time is it?

What a Relief Sisyphus - A planksip®  Möbius Worth Living

Aristotle put poetry on a pedestal. Closer to truth through mimesis, through imitation. Pent-up emotions erupt, better to voice these concerns in the open. Art acts as a cleanse, resolving unresolved emotions. Appeasing the irrational already sounds like a shift in the direction of theology. Appeasing the gods or logic. In Aristotle we are in good hands, logic prevails. Imitations, however, not so much. Cathartic is the act of doing. Purging from proximity, the potential of pity or the thought of fear propels the person into purification. The counter-culture vultures circle overhead some years later. An ends to their own means. Hellenism was their bridge to the West. They never looked back. You can. Leaders led by pseudo-logic, supported by a leisure class and a class of Bohemia provides a function for all the individual forms to follow. Losing the loving pursuit of Truth or silencing academia disrupts the function of many forms.

Bonus: Digamma (later Stigma) - Death of an Ideal or a Dogma? Try a Pedadoggy Instead.

Looks Like it Fits Nicely! Is God another planksip® Möbius??

Creativity is divine and all-powerful. Is it God-like? Probably more like combining Dante, Bach, Beethoven, Mahler and Bruckner into one voice. Contrast the pious servitude of Bruckner with Beethoven and Mahler. Ego builders make me trepidatious. Bruckner's opposite will yield the best results when describing a utopian leader. How about reading Anton Bruckner, Symphony No. 4 Romantic? Imagine an on-demand creativity through an augmented intelligence device. How would you describe the state of mind, euphoria or God like trance Dante was in when he wrote? Examine your own state of mind when you write: it will offer clues to Dante’s writing processes. Jung refers to it as your Shadow. In this case, the very nature of human creativity is cyclical. Humankind's innate and universal trait to create is an unstoppable virus. The nouveau creative will be a big data collaboration on a scale surpassing the limits of the individual but not at the expense of the individual.

Daniel Sanderson

Published 10 months ago