She Thinks, Therefore She Can

A woman with a mind is fit for any task.
— Christine de Pizan (1364-1440)
Doubt Makes You Think — Cogito Ergo Sum — The Cartesian Presupposition

Doubt Makes You Think — Cogito Ergo Sum — The Cartesian Presupposition

She Thinks, Therefore She Can

A woman with a mind is fit for any task.
— Christine de Pizan (1364-1440)

The titled responsion couples the Cartesian with the exceptionalism of equal outcomes for all.

Advocating for women to accomplish their dreams and strive for what drives them is uplifting and something we all should endorse prima facie. The advocates come from the populations we love, the best side of our nature, conservative, orderly, and a final destination for our shared biology. What am I trying to say? Pizan leaves women and minds open for definition, variable in nature; this metaphysics of sorts emphasizes the point that we are both trying to make, and that is a point focused on worthiness (Socratic), mattering (Rebecca Goldstein), feeling successful (Romantic), and doubtful dualism of Descartes. It doesn't matter that Descartes' Error (1994), as pointed out by Antonio Demasio, is obvious but the ultimate approach to this equation is self-limiting. So now, what's your excuse?

Fearless and Peerless

It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.
— Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527)

The titled responsion points out that you will not have any friends if you act like that!

Staring toward the abyss without friends is fearful in itself. Imposing this fear on the populous is counterfactual to the good in itself, and yet order is realized; how stable and sustainable this novel reaction is over time is the question.

To be frightened and love is not something that you are born with. If you want to get healthy, then you must learn to let go of the fear of being loved so that you can become the person you want to be.

Did God Use the Printing Press as Well?

God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars.
— Martin Luther (1483-1546)

The titled responsion is in no way advocating towards the G-word; I am pointing out that the Promethean gift of technology (originating with fire) is God's tool.

There I go again, using the God word. Can I do this as a "non-believer"? Don't let the scare quotes fool you; I am being intentional in my atheistic reference. These days I am very reluctant to define myself by something I am not. Ok, so I don't "believe" in God, but I can fully understand the utility of such a metaphysical claim, and it's all the rest of humanity that makes it such a contentious issue. I think we have lost sight of the forest through the trees. Martin Luther refers to natural law, the algorithmic outcomes of life herself. Do you notice how I anthropomorphized life from a female embodiment pronoun? It doesn't change anything, does it? Humanity, biology to be more specific, propagates with and from two coupling entities; one biologically male and the other biologically female. If we want to move this conversation outside reproduction, gender conversation becomes a pluralistic novelty. Novelty because it's somewhat new ground. I am not talking about the effeminate; this has biologically been a reality for thousands of years; I am referring to the fracturing of identity across populations or rather uplifted and identified and marginalized and entire communities of visible minorities. Are we not all human beings? Why do I feel the need to remind people of that?

Doubt is Always Truncated

Cogito ergo sum. (I think; therefore I am.).
— René Descartes (1596-1650)

The titled responsion is "Doubt is Always Truncated". What follows is subject to revision. Do you have any suggestions?

In René Descartes’ famous phrase, Cogito ergo sum, we dropped the prefix of doubt from this thought concept. Few people realize the context that this was written. It should be represented as, “I doubt I think, therefore I am.” Why did we drop the doubt? Purge it like an appendage, an unnecessary extension of cognition? Really? Doubt is a pillar of Reason. Do I need to justify that claim and how it relates to consciousness? It seems impossible that the “lights” will turn on the same way without a doubtful, thinking self. AI researchers and number theorists should keep this in mind if replicating human consciousness is their “prime” directive.

Gimme a Break

There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus.
— Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)

The titled responsion is a blip in the momentary inventory of madness.

Oh my God, Pascal's romantic tendencies towards this man-made embodiment figure are vile drivel; let's call a spade a spade and Jesus the fictional phenomenon that he was made to be. Constructed as a heuristic of sorts, the perversion lies in the lies that the life and death of the bastard from Galilee. Is that too harsh? Does anyone know who "His" father was or is? Besides the red herring, the annunciation and immaculate conception story are irrelevant; I have said elsewhere that the ideal would be for the Catholic church and other versions of the Christian cult to openly admit that there was no historical person named Jesus. I have mentally tossed this idea around but quickly realized it's far from ideal. Blaming the Jews, or specifically, the Pharisees, for sentencing this all-in-one man to death when he was a story, by all historical accounts, is the biggest single crime of humanity.


Judge of a man by his questions rather than by his answers.
— Voltaire (1694-1778)

The titled responsion is questionable!

This questionable responsion is far from an answer. Without pleading ignorance, this is a playful poke at the pious propaganda that emerges from the church and less than ideal "states" of mind. Presumptive answers from the self-proclaimed entitled is a problem of knowledge. Correctly applied, doubt guards against any valuations of education. Hypothetical thinking positions your knowledge against your epistemology; as the theory goes, a projected reconciliation of your guesses in counterfactual anticipation of what you are about to learn shouldn't be too surprising. Validation is in the air!

Or Religion

If my soldiers were to begin to think, not one of them would remain in the army.
— Frederick the Great (1712-1786)

The titled responsion compares the lack of thinking in the esprit de corps and the flock that follows the All-Mighty.

My unfavourable plug for religion is hardly a pastiche, yet I have recently realized that religious tendency is more than likely a byproduct of cultural evolution.


That all our knowledge begins with experience there can be no doubt.
— Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)

The titled responsion points to cultural transmission of sorts.

Handed down from one generation to the next and coupled with the biological imperative of prepared learning, can we admit that not all experiences are the same?

And That's a Fact!

There are no facts, only interpretations.
— Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

The titled responsion is a tautology of sorts.

Circular in circumference, yet this game of relativism is just another ism in a long list of Nietzhean perversions. Can you tell that I am not a fan?

Instead, Our Ability to Respond

The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.
— John Dewey (1859-1952)

The titled responsion points to the ability to reconcile with the environment around us, a shade of Scientific determinism to the nuance that is metaphysically John Dewey.

I am offering a counterfactual to Dewey's choice of action by observing our ability to respond and rolling the bone dice called astragali. This ancient gave of chance is revealed to us in the form of the Pareto principle. I am not saying that the 80/20 rule isn't the one and only statistical model from which the self emerges, I am pointing towards these ancient games of chance as the mathematics that reveal probability theory as we know it today. Coupled with consciousness and the homeostasis potentials we experience and imagine, the probability calculators between our ears substantiate doubt in ordered circadian rhythms of intermittent Reason. Our ability to respond is, in part, determined by this on-again/off-again cycle of surrendered awareness. Felt on a substrate of emotive physiology, reasoning and chance are the determining and individuating factors in our anticipated survival outcomes. This should be how we view responsibility.

With the Doubtful Cartesian Contingency

A man is nothing but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.
— Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

The titled responsion is what keeps you Cartesian, whole, and the sum of your parts.

A blind alley of a mind is scary; doubt keeps you conscious and from a Cartesian perspective. Dreams can take you to wondrous places, being many things; when we wake up, consciousness kicks, then we need something to eat. Discussions on the hierarchies of "becoming" what you dream are interesting to me.

Let's see where Gandhi's thoughts take us...

An individual is only the result of his contemplations; what he thinks, he becomes. The more he thinks, the more he becomes, and the more you will see him act in a way that will mirror his contemplations, sentiments, and activities.

Zeroing in on one's contemplations can cause an individual to do what he does. Also, in this way, if your psyche is engaged towards the adverse or against what you need to find throughout everyday life, the individual won't think emphatically for you to accomplish your objectives and wants.

Then again, if you are a positive individual and your psyche isn't obstructing thinking contrarily for the antagonistic individual, at that point, you will have a simpler season of getting the individual to think emphatically for you. This is how an individual turns into a result of his musings and activities. So be positive, act decidedly, and think emphatically.

On the off chance that your psyche is loaded up with cynicism constantly and every one of your contemplations is not positive, chances are high that the individual isn't thinking decidedly towards the things you need to see and achieve. When this occurs, you may need to think and act in a manner that mirrors your musings and activities towards the negative contemplations and activities. If you are positive and thinking emphatically towards the contrary contemplations and activities, you will have a more noteworthy possibility of getting the individual to think decidedly for you.

What's more, you ought to consistently recollect that it is just by deduction that you will have the option to pull in individuals towards you and give them the vitality to contemplate you. This is how you become an individual who is only the result of his musings and activities.

Considerations are the fundamental wellspring of our activities. Considerations are the things that we consider when we are confronting an issue or trouble. Our contemplations and activities ponder how we consider the circumstance. At the point when we ponder the circumstance, we will, in general, face challenges in our lives. If the circumstance is too enormous to deal with or is past our ability to deal with, at that point, we face troubles significantly further.

The better you are at intuition emphatically, the more you will draw in individuals towards you who share similar positive contemplations with you. You will see this when individuals around you begin discussing you as though they are discussing somebody who is thinking decidedly; they will likewise be contemplating you.

Numerous individuals have gone into business the explanation of bringing in cash, acclaim, and fame. However, they didn't get to where they are today since they have just sure contemplations and are not utilizing these considerations for their potential benefit. They began to be upbeat due to their positive contemplations and their activities.

Positive reasoning will assist you with drawing in others and individuals towards you correctly, yet you can't anticipate that your activities should bring great outcomes. These outcomes are subject to the idea and the moves you make. The more your psyche is loaded with positive musings, the more certain moves you will make.

If you begin to think correctly, you will find that by utilizing your brain and contemplations, you will have the option to change amazing conditions and roll out fundamental positive improvements. To turn into an individual who is only the result of his considerations, you have to think decidedly and afterward act emphatically to get the ideal outcomes.

To make positive suspecting in yourself and assist you with drawing in certain considerations and activities, numerous methods can be educated by understanding books, watching projects, and tuning in to persuasive music. One strategy you must consider to ace is to rehearse positive certifications.

When you practice positive reasoning propensities, you will have a superior possibility of drawing in individuals towards you and getting them to have faith in you. Like this, they will begin thinking emphatically about you. They will likewise accept what you state, put stock in you, and think decidedly towards your circumstance and prosperity. When you practice positive reasoning, your psyche will be loaded up with positive vitality, and you will be an individual who is only the result of his considerations and activities.

I am hungry!

But We Are Thinking About It

The most thought-provoking thing in our thought-provoking time is that we are still not thinking.
— Martin Heidegger (1889-1976)

The titled responsion refers to thinking about thinking and downplays the Heidegarian mysticism or worship that characterizes this thicket of thought.

Try thinking in 50ms increments. Not biologically possible, you say? Framing a structure of objective subjectivity to counterpoint the counterfactual, the emerging creativity is emergent and foundational to the shared artificial intelligence augmenting our potential and future prosperity. The warning is to remember not to negate creativity. The poetics of which will model the modal nodes of subjectivity. I utilize the hermeneutic meme this ends. The means are simply the status quo and the projective projections of prosperity under the bell curve.

Facts First, Opinions Matter Less

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
— George Orwell (1903-1950)

The titled responsion is (indirectly) a reference to the negation, the Marxist perversion at play.

The reference here to matter is substantive in form and more concrete than opinions, gut feelings, or intuitions. This doesn't mean that any individual's felt experience doesn't exist without value; replicating this mechanism on the social stage for all to see can affect change.

Faith in realities and facts is more sensible than sentiments and instincts. On the off chance that somebody needs to accomplish something, it is significantly more prone to occur if they are set up with sufficient faith in what they need. There are various reasons why a few people don't have solid faith in their desires. It may be that they can't picture a particular result or feel like others may object to them for not having faith in things.

Faith in realities and certainties is much more grounded than most different convictions. Individuals will frequently contend that their wants are not founded on realities and truth yet rather on "emotions." This is the place faith in realities and facts truly sparkles. When this establishment is solidly set up, they are significantly more liable to succeed.

The best way to comprehend what is valid and what isn't is to put stock in the realities. This implies the best way to discover what is directly for you is to put stock in the realities. In any case, there are times when it is quite difficult. You need to utilize your convictions to persuade yourself that the realities are right, regardless of whether it appears as though they are not.

This is a significant part of the advancement of convictions. When you have built up a solid conviction framework dependent on a progression of realities and facts, it tends to be difficult to change. You need to utilize it reliably and accurately to overcome your dread of adjusting your perspective. At exactly that point, would you be able to start to make changes?

You may need to utilize different convictions related to your faith to arrive at your objectives. For example, on the off chance that you imagine that the way that cash will fulfill you isn't right, you might need to depend on an alternate truth, the possibility that cash will prompt great wellbeing. This can assist you with arriving at your objective of an upbeat existence without changing your conviction about cash.

The ideal approach to getting over a conviction is to change your convictions. If you fear losing cash, you can attempt to persuade yourself that it is valid by changing your convictions about cash. what's more, how it is identified with satisfaction. When you understand how harmful your convictions are, you can decide to work with your inner mind to supplant these negative convictions with new ones that will be more valuable.

When you have supplanted your convictions, it will be a lot simpler to supplant your old ones. Simply doing a basic switch can do ponders. Simply recollect not to lose confidence when attempting to make changes. Your psyche mind can bring your new convictions energetically.

The psyche mind is one of the most useful assets you can use to achieve your objectives. It tends to be utilized to accomplish your fantasies and make a daily existence you could always, in any case, be unable to accomplish.

The psyche brain can be extremely amazing because it tends to be prepared. You can make a way of life dependent on the realities and facts you were educated as a youngster while never experiencing any type of passionate pain or injury to arrive.

The psyche brain can likewise assist you with zeroing in on the perfect things at the perfect occasions. At the point when your cognizant brain gets occupied by musings of negative feelings, the inner mind can work for you to assist you with getting some distance from those contemplations. also, center around the positive considerations you need to zero in on.

The psyche mind is an astounding instrument, and anybody can utilize the psyche brain for some reason. Individuals utilize the psyche brain to change their convictions and even change the world!

You can also utilize the psyche brain to accomplish your objectives and help improve the world. You can accomplish astounding outcomes by changing your convictions, supplanting them with new ones, and utilizing your brain's capacity to make new ones.

A Metaphor in the Making

I believe that a work of art, like metaphors in language, can ask the most serious, difficult questions in a way which really makes the readers answer for themselves; that the work of art far more than an essay or tract involves the reader, challenges him directly and brings him into the argument.
— George Steiner (1929-2020)

The titled responsion asks the question, What is meta for?

Are we in agreement that the metaphor is an individual unit of metaphysics? So any comparison or correlation that is not causal or predictively tied to anything, in reality, would never be absolute? It's not possible, only relational.

Makes You Think

Women cannot complain about men anymore until they start getting better taste in them.
— Bill Maher (1956-)

The titled responsion is an interesting juxtaposition. What do you think? I guess that depends on whether or not you are male or not. This negation is all-encompassing and pluralistic. However, it does nothing to elevate the feminine.

I love Bill Maher. His humor is disarming and contains the mustard seed of truth.

Doubt Makes You Think Cogito Ergo Sum The Cartesian Presupposition

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