The Art of Wife Making

The lasting effect of this series is one of foulness, a biological tradition of shared space and living a life together. Art is an expression, Wife Art is questionable by definition.

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The Art of Wife Making

Wife Art? We all ask why?
Because I have one
Why jump around as we do?
And I have more too
Ask why go ahead?
More than two, free for all!

man sitting on sofa beside woman
What was I talking about? A not so subtle planksip® reminder, what time is it?
Wife Art - Did I do that?

Love is the [wife]art
Of every heart:
It pains a man when 'tis kept close,
And others doth offend, when 'tis let loose.

- John Suckling 1609-1642: 'Love's Offence' - Emphasized

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Daniel Sanderson

Published a year ago