A Couple of Swingers - A planksip® Möbius

Our offer is an alternative lifestyle. Non-sexual, but very passionate. This article introduces the planksip writer's cooperative. Please, make sure you understand the membership commitment upfront...

Joining the planksip Writer’s Cooperative
The planksip writers cooperative gives members writing assignments, of which they compete for cash prizes. This article highlights the benefits of membership as well as outlines the rules and guidelines for submissions. Becoming a planksip writer is easier than you think.


We don't take your money or commitment lightly. Our goal is to earn your income doing what you love. This article explains how and why.

We believe in full transparency so this article explains the entire process of becoming a planksip® journalist. We will share with you our strategies for creating an earning potential within the planksip® community and beyond. This program is designed for those individuals that have the talent, drive, and discipline to succeed.

I Want Off This Magic Carpet Ride, This Conveyor to Chaos - Another planksip® Möbius

POETIC PAUSE: By an order of magnitude (times ten or a decade), this perennial program welcomes all Millennials. Not limited to generation Y, the program is specifically for those who ask, why? Why so much consumption? Why so much waste? Is there an alternative to carbon footprints, consumer consumption and the domestic abuse of our ecosystems?

Imagine a world where technology actually worked for you and work-life was a contradiction in all certain terms.

Which is better… Dynamic diversity or a Diversity dynamic? The answer should be self-evident. The label is litmus. Test your dynamic ability and thrive within the chaos of harmonic information structures.

“Empirical never felt so good. Big Data is our personal narrative.”

Daniel Sanderson, planksip Founder and philosopher

Chaos at House and Home by planksip®

If the ordinate and abscissa sound like a Latin catch phase I would like to clarify it’s more of a Cartesian coordinate system. The information it scaffolds determines much of our pattern recognition software as well as the probability calculator on your shoulders. The donut, on the underhand, is actually a moving Taurus, albeit a möbius strip.

Let's Get Back on Track

Making it New with Ezra Pound!

Ezra Pound photographed in 1913 by Alvin Langdon Coburn - Wikipedia

We used Ezra Pound as a fictitious sign up for the video walk-through and summarizes as follows:


  • planksip.press email address - $180 value [1]
  • Exclusive Google Drive access to assets for planksip® Journalist - FREE
  • Profile page (on planksip.org) - FREE
  • Author page (on planksip.org) - FREE
  • Managed Substack (optional)[2]
  • Managed Medium (optional)[2:1]
  • Managed YouTube Channel (optional)[2:2]
  • Tutoring (optional)[2:3]
  • Art Works discounts and earning potential - Included
  • A paid Creator account on GumRoad - $120 value[1:1]
  • Affiliate links for additional earning potential - Included
  • A planksip® user account on TextExpander - $100 value[1:2]
  • Voting towards advisory positions - Included
  • Peer Review Writing support - Priceless
  • Income Potential = Food on the Table!

  1. These are annual estimates in USD. Reconciled against the $128 we charge for the planksip journalist program the fixed costs account for just over a third of our income model. We are using a 1.32% exchange differential for the exchange from USD to CAD.$180+$120+$100/($128/1.32)=34.38% ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎

  2. "Optional" is dependent on what pathway your membership takes you. Ultimately you are in the driver's seat, we are just here to assist you in building the brand that is YOU! ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎ ↩︎

35% Fixed Cost for Running the Program

With a 35% fixed cost for running the planksip® journalist program, the revenue model, per user, breaks down as follows:

  • Total Yearly Revenue On Dues - $1,164 USD
  • Total Yearly Related Costs - $400 USD  
  • Operating Funds Per User - $764 USD

We use US dollars in this example because the majority of our fixed overhead costs for running the program are in US dollars.  Membership dues are in Canadian Funds because we are a Canadian company. Make sense?

Milestones for Membership - It's all About the Numbers

Milestone #1 - 100 Users

Hiring for the full-time position of:
Director of Donations and Philanthropic Support
- $90k-$120 per annum
- Mandated to bring in revenue opportunities and sponsors for journalists

Milestone #2 - 250 Users

Hiring for the part-time position of:
Software Engineer for the Gadfly app
- $40k-$60 per annum

Milestone #3 - 500 Users

Selection of four (4) paid advisory positions (by vote):
- ranging from $40k-$60k per annum
- speaking engagements and podcasts mandatory
- existing planksip® Journalists will be given priority and 2:1 voting equity

Milestone #4 - 1,000 Users

Selection of eight (8) paid advisory positions (by vote):
- ranging from $40k-$60k per annum
- speaking engagements and podcasts mandatory

- existing planksip® Journalists will be given priority and 2:1 voting equity

If you are good at math you will notice that at the 1,000 user level the total member-generated revenue converts to pretty much a wash meaning the upside potential from the first hire (Director of Donations and Philanthropic Support), will be towards supporting and paying the journalists - That's YOU!

Competitive Peer Review Model for Writing Assignments

As of May 18, 2018, we have 1,473 memes and titled responsions in our quarterly publication alone. This is one repository of four currently available for writers, like you, to expand your thoughts and engage. Each one of these stub articles represents an opportunity to contribute and will be updated via trending topic tags. For new and inexperienced writers you may want to develop your skills and ranking by contributing to the topics that speak to you, that is if you are listing to your writer's voice.

Once there is a maximum total of twelve contributing authors per article, the editorial team circulates the articles among all twelve contributors to participate in a peer-review process of selecting the best article. That's right, you choose! You get two votes, conceivably one vote will be for your own work, but it doesn't have to be, and the other is for an article of your choice. Since you only have 11 articles to read, on a subject that you are already intimate with, one of two things will happen. First, the internal critique that you experience in relation to the other articles, will be your biggest teacher. Secondly, you have a one in twelve chance to earn an industry of $1 per word for your freelance journalist submissions. Wait it gets better. Subscription models work well simply because of the consistency of ongoing reliable income. Our payout model is no different, it's sponsorship-based and ongoing.

So, you contribute an article between 500 and 1,000 words, and it's voted among your peers as the best of the lot. Now what? How do you get paid? Remember that sponsorship page that we helped set up when you first signed up as a planksip® journalist? The one where other people, businesses, community supporters, family members or fans can support you directly for your efforts? For each winning article, you receive $10 per month with no expiration date as long as you continue to meet the minimum submitter requirements of an article a month. I don't know about you but writing only two articles a day for a month with only a 20% success rate would net you $2,400 per year! Keep that up and double your success rate, which comes naturally with practice, and you will be well on your way to a full-time salary as a planksip journalist.

The Walk-Through with Ezra Pound - Making it New

Ezra's, "make it new" mantra is cultural to the communities of the creative professional, perhaps bordering on cultism. A suitable inspiration for a brand that loves the philosophical, literature and the perfected imperfection that it pursues.

Once you sign up, you will receive a personalized invitation from me with your new login details for your planksip.press email address. From there, with the help of our online videos, you are well on your way to a rewarding lifestyle as a planksip journalist.

Quaternion Correlations - A Quarterly Publication

Together we can co-create. A shared experience. Does it feel like YOURS yet?

It's time to get serious, to take the entire planksip corpus of intellectual thought contained within and throughout the Quaternion publication and implement a workflow, a Praxis if you like, to improve, engage and disseminate this work. A daily duty beyond a bathroom break. I don't consider it Stoic or Epicurean, the testimonials are directed towards an Ancient Greek hegemony. As you can see from these 1,473 blog articles, we have four master-themed leader board images starting with the dancing of the seasons, the death of Socrates and the rise of the Platonic ideal, Dante's gaze falls short of Beatrice's attention, and finally möbius of them all; Alexander's destruction of the Gordian knot.

Alexander cuts the Gordian Knot by Jean-Simon Berthélemy (1743–1812) - Wikipedia

What does this mean for a philosophical publication? My intention is to leverage the dates of death and dates of birth with the memes, quotes and titled responsions by continuing the narrative. The birth correlations will build on the narrative that is and will become Will Freeman. I am thinking of a writer reincarnating the works of the giants past, whereas the death correlations related to the historical narrative and the philosophy contained in the p.(x).

Your involvement in the planksip® Journalist program will make it what it is!
So let's co-create!

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