faulty ivory towers

Academics haven't always oriented themselves towards the right. Inside Plato's Cave - The Allegory With a Son-Rise Ending!

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faulty ivory towers

The learner always begins by finding fault, but the scholar sees the positive merit in everything.

- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831)

Inside Plato's Cave - The Allegory With a Son-Rise Ending

If you find yourself searching for answers, you are in good company, Academics and thought leaders of all backgrounds haven't always oriented themselves towards the right (aka; the light). I posted this image of a familiar nativity scene. The irony runs deep if this image is indeed inside Plato's Cave. Since it's an allegory, then why not? Why not paint this picture with the darkness lit only from the artificial, the sun will rise and has every day since the life and death of Plato. Jesus on the other hand was more than likely a fiction, with absolutely no reliable historical corroboration. The light is coming from the entrance of the cave, not from the spirit of the allegory itself. Duh!

Jesus never experienced warmth of a sun rise on his face or the fade to black of a setting sunset. You must be born to be born again. Jesus is a fake, a fiction and a figment of your imagination. No you say! Well, we will see. Wanna bet?

Incongruent to bring in Plato I know. First the timeline doesn't match, Plato had no idea what a Jesus myth was or could be. Manifest and made flesh was the modus operandi of the Christian cult. Plato was platonic in forme. The West bastardized it, Christianized it and made the spirit spooky at a distant. Actually the spookiness that I am referring to was more of the Quantum variety but it just kinda fit. Not really but that's OK, it's a fictional narrative. We can make whatever allegory we want to. Right? Heck, when you make up stories isn't this sort of thing understood to be part of the faith claim? A complex cultural form of implied consent? Oh right, that is what religion is for. It has a function after all.

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Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Published 2 years ago