Where's Chicken Little?

Thorny, the burning bush is an allusion to some God-speak that reminds me of the Orwellian Newspeak.

6 months ago

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Where's Chicken Little?

Women hold up half the sky.

- Mao Zedong (1893-1976)

This Guy is Thorny - Another planksip Möbius

This Guy is Thorny

Where's Chicken Little?

Inspired by Mao Zedong (1893-1976)'s quote, "Women hold up half the sky." The titled responsion considers the source and mixes with the metaphor of the "Guy in the sky" that is falling.

The Fall of humanity has a certain likeness to the Death of God, which, I believe, was mentioned by Kant ​before Nietzche? I am certain that Nietzche popularized this trope, the origin of which is not entirely important to the point that I am trying to make. The guy and sky blur together when you say it. Try saying it, "This guy is falling, the sky is falling!".

Thorny, the burning bush is an allusion to some God-speak that reminds me of the Orwellian Newspeak. I do not want to elaborate on this perverse forme of sensor​ed expression; the thorny sky is abrasive to all involved. The play on words makes fun, playfully, of our tendency to anthropomorphize everything. The embodiment figures that we create can contain a wisdom of sorts, but we have to remember that it's a heuristic.

Pull Your Head Out Of The Clouds

Inspird by Umberto Eco (1932-2016)'s quote "A dream is a scripture, and many scriptures are nothing but dreams". The title responsion is a little detached from reality. Hey, I am not opposed to a vivid and colorful sense of imagination. Scripture, on the other hand, is a precursor for disaster.

Considering the prescriptive nature of scripture, the approach has its benefits for the transmission of information, which, coincidentally persists generationally. This transmission of values across generations is, in fact, the working definition of culture. Ethically based, the interpretation and dissemination of these values make sense to populations. A pathway to prosperity? Perhaps. The darker side of this approach is blind faith. We are creatures of the light, as are all of life.

This Guy is Thorny - Another planksip Möbius

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