Distractions till death 'due' us part

Distractions till death due us partThere is no wealth but life. - John Ruskin (1819-1900) Friends Among Us (2020) by Philosopher Daniel SandersonFriends Among Us (2020) by Philosopher Daniel SandersonDistractions

2 years ago

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Distractions till death due us part

There is no wealth but life.

- John Ruskin (1819-1900)

Friends Among Us (2020) by Philosopher Daniel Sanderson

Friends Among Us (2020) by Philosopher Daniel Sanderson

Distractions till death due us part

Inspired by John Ruskin (1819-1900)'s quote, "There is no wealth but life.". The titled responsion is

There is no wealth without life. With that said, if you want to create wealth and get rich, it is necessary to understand the concept of life. This is what I call the "value of life."

Life can only be given to those who have earned it. It is like the saying, "You make it." You create your own value in this world by the kind of life you live. If you live a reckless life and do things without thinking or reason, then your life will come to an end. If you live a disciplined life and have a sound mind, you can grow old gracefully. If you live a careless life with no concern for future and present, you will die young.

What kind of life do you lead? Have you spent your life in the dustbin of poverty, or have you tried to improve yourself? Are you happy, satisfied, fulfilled and contented in your life?

The most important question to ask yourself is: What do I want out of life? And how will you achieve it? How will your life be better than the lives of others who are living their lives in the same way that you are living yours? The answers to these questions determine the kind of life you will lead.

Your answers will determine your future, happiness and contentment in life. A satisfied life is a happier life, which is the happy life is a happier life.

So, what is wealth? The word "wealth" means "a source of satisfaction in life." It may be achieved through education, health, wealth, power, and relationships. A satisfied life is the life of contentment.

Many wealthy people are happy and contented with their lives. They do not have any regrets, anger or resentment. They live a fulfilled life. A happy life has a lot of meaning. This is the life of happiness and contentment.

Happiness and contentment are the essence of life. A life lived in abundance is a life lived in contentment. A life of riches brings no satisfaction to a person.

Wealth is not only a source of satisfaction but also a source of happiness and fulfillment. You may earn enough money to provide a comfortable life, but if your life is devoid of happiness and contentment, it will not bring you any material wealth at all.

A rich person does not just do good things, they do many good things. They are kind and considerate, they are helpful and give to help others.

These are traits that make people rich. If we can be like rich people, we can be very rich. Rich people care about themselves and help others.

It is not that rich people do things without thinking, but it is that rich people do things because they think they need to. They do things for themselves and not for anyone else.

A happy rich person will not let anyone rob him or her of their wealth. A happy rich person is self-confident.

There are some people who are not very rich but they are very rich because they think so. They have been blessed by God to be so rich, thus they are happy and contented with their lives. Wealth is not earned but rather it is built on character, faithfulness, patience and sacrifice.

A rich person gives value to every thing. They use it for the welfare of other people or for their own benefit.

Rich people do not waste money or assets, they do things properly. They work hard so that what they earn will be used to help others.

Rich people are happy because they have so much to be happy. Rich people find ways to make life meaningful and good. Rich people are happy people.

John Ruskin

Published 2 years ago