The Reason You Exist (crying is an option)

The purpose of life is vision; eyesight. The universe created us to see itself.

We have been given this time on earth to see and, with consciousness, interpret what we’ve seen. That’s it. The purpose of life was for the universe to "see" itself, within its creation. The purpose of life was to see and interpret. The purpose of life was you. You are endowed with all the universe ever wanted. Yes, the purpose of life was you. The purpose of life was me.

The self-evolving Universe to see itself

Through our five systems of detection, sight is a priority while hearing, smell, taste, and feeling are secondary. In building a human being, the other elements of perfection necessarily come along the mammalian path. But the central focus is vision, in order to be the observer in our own experiment. It's true in quantum physics. We are necessary.

No other sense is even close to this ability. Light and its detection are key representations of life so in the end, the human eyeball was the leading cause for all that we see or can the universe see.

How sad is it that the most incredible device in the entire universe, the developed eyeball, is largely ripping apart planet Earth because we’re using our eyes to differentiate between skin colors? How short-sighted are we to lose the wonder of vision through something as limiting as racism?

We are using the most powerful aspect of the universe to discern light skin from dark skin. It’s imbecilic to act this way. The skin is in no way associated with the eyeball, one isn’t dependent on the other. If we did not have eyes, the problem with racism would not appear. We cannot hear skin color, we cannot smell, taste, or feel skin color. This attribute falls upon the impressionable eyes.

But racism is tearing up the world. It's a new Salem where pitchforks became eye contact.

How could these two little "windows to the soul" be responsible for killing the world? How could our eyes get us through a dark past to the bright future - but leave us stuck in the dimness of the present circumstances?

Are we treating our eyesight like some novelty that just happened to be a part of us, for good or bad?  

We are it. We are order amongst the chaos. And you are a miracle. If you suppose that God and the Universe are synonymous then the Universe "loves" you because you are the most developed creation in it!

We are at the fulcrum, we have each been given life and now we face entropy. Each of us has been governed by the second law of thermodynamics. While the universe cooled into a random schizophrenic backstory, animals evolved against the rule, we should not be here. Life, in any form, is going against the grain. We live in such a finely-tuned part of the universe. And now we see entropy coming to rule.  Now we are watching chaos destroy the order. Buildings will fall down, old people will die, the power will go off, and fires will go out.

What a sad outcome if the end result of evolution was racism. What poison is there in our eyesight that brought us to the edge? What societal ills can't be rectified with societal means?

Does this mean that the only time we can appreciate is a time in the past, has the best already passed us by? Because we're NOT going to be populating Mars with this stuff.

Our myopic dystopia has been tried. This is it. How does "today" feel? How confident are you about anything? What would you say if no one would cancel you? What would you say if the world was listening?

What if the world itself was asking for help?  

What if racism is the world asking for a remedy? What if racism is how the world ends? What if we could have changed the outcome by a mere sliver of time, meant in the grandest of universal senses? What if there was no Tik-Tok?

We must know there's a peaceful way to live together. Eyesight must convince the brain that there is. How are you reading this right now? With your own eyes. To enable and discern from the exclusion of sight.

The answer MUST exist in the universe. How odd that the lengthy biological development of light detection through the evolution of the human eyeball, that is to say, life seeing itself = the universe killing itself because it saw the light.

Racism is the Dead End? Is it a fundamental Law?

Why would the universe generate the eye, only to kill itself because it did so?

It cannot end with the flag of racism burning brightly before it goes out. Racism is more dangerous than nuclear war because everyone has a button to press. It chokes the rational, obfuscates reality, and blinds the conscience. In this fog, we have lost our way on a universal path to a better time for all. We have fallen into the debris, into the detritus, into a sewer pit.

No religion is a safe harbor.

The eyes are cleaned by tears. As a human — crying is an option.

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