Brent Antonson

Brent Antonson

Vancouver, Canada Website Facebook X/Twitter

Brent Antonson spent years living abroad including extended stints teaching English at universities in Russia, Iraq and China. He circumnavigated the Northern Hemisphere by train over five journeys.

48 posts

From Ape to Adult

by Brent Antonson in Brent Antonson

In the age of technological marvels and societal complexities, humanity's existence unfolds as a paradox, entwining evolutionary origins with the quest for higher understanding and the perpetual pursuit of happiness.

10 Ways to Be Better Drivers

by Brent Antonson

QUICK - PASS THIS ON TO SOMEONE WHO DRIVES LIKE SH*T! Our cities have never been great at driving. We are angry, filled with rage, and inconsiderate. We don't wave anymore. What would it take for us to become better drivers? Treat it like a damn job....

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