The Free Will Debate (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

I am also OK with determinism, yet any implication with fatalism is culpable. When our ancestors had thoughts of futurity, they knew no better. It was, "fated by the Gods!" Did Ancient Greece lack a deeper understanding of probabilities? The randomness of the Astragali is often overlooked. Or was it? This 80/20 rule of probabilities dates back 50,000 years ago to the origins of modern language itself and I think developed in tandem with this playful, mythological banter. It could have been a contributing factory of speech acts and the birth of hope. Born of a similar speaker, mythologies are dangerous, not for the people that invent them, or the generations that remember what it's like to be something, for they are just coping mechanisms and metaphors of meaning. The danger emerges from the interpretation of the mythologies and the romancing of these stories outside the Existential context from which they were created.

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