The Future of Free Will

The Free Will Debate (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #GoogleplanksipI approach a position on Free Will like an audience member watching an Emperor wearing a new set of clothes; as

7 months ago

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The Free Will Debate (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

I approach a position on Free Will like an audience member watching an Emperor wearing a new set of clothes; as an illusion about an allusion. We are all actors on this stage of life, our only stage of life. Our dramas are dramatic, our struggles are real. Pull back far enough in perspective and fatalism will proclaim, "We have no alternative choice beyond that of life or death." As the reclusive eccentric John B. McLemoere1 tragically reiterated, the "shit-show" will go on! Cyanide was the exit drug of choice for John. For me, I am a temporal compatibilist in philosophical discussions but a determined determinist at heart without the fallacies of fate and with the social responsibility (response/ability) to respond. The context of the Free Will conversation is contemporary with a perspective of history and projections of prosperity, however, as we define these concepts, we define who we are as a species, despite any and all preconceived resignations to the eventuality of the Universe. It would be interesting to assign individual schemas with Stoic sensibilities and contrast with Epicurean introspection and see how these schemas overlay with a taxonomy of compatibilists and dead-end perspectives of individuation. This algorithm is something I am working on implementing into the planksipĀ® Gadfly mnemonic app. I am planning to overlay these algorithms with multiple Markov Chains, increase the algorithmic overlays and watch for the correlations. Freedom, or at least the modern Rousseau-ish concept of freedom that we embrace from the French Revolution, is anchored to, and synonymous with, Existentialism and it's fetishism on individual responsibility. Our ability to respond circles back to freedom like a doG chasing its tail. It's in our nature. Like it or not, the ability to respond is stimulating and life-sustaining. For me, determinism is the embodiment of resigned potentiality and an ongoing negotiation with our individual freedoms. How do we protect the autonomy of the individual? We must preserve the autonomy of the individual! If the world goes to "shit", our ability to react is our only exit strategy, not ancient mythical hero worship. I am not against archetype psychology and the teachings of Jung, but after all, Carl Jung was a disciple of the pseudo-scientist Sigmund Freud and talking about problems is pragmatically therapeutic. Most people can not look beyond the plethora of confirmation biases prescribed for healthy and progressive conversation. Akin to horoscopes and a leap of faith this dance resembles the hoky-poky with one foot in and one foot out. When will it all fall down?

Daniel Sanderson

Published 7 months ago