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Is Free Will Unnecessary?

Is Free Will Unnecessary?

Eventually, the concept of free will will be unnecessary and will, for good or worse, fall off the radar of human consciousness.

Let's examine my last statement, "... free will will be unnecessary...". Dropping one of the wills will leave you guessing if will should be part of 'free will' or free should be on it's own. What seems more intuitive?

"The concept of freedom, will be unnecessary?"


"The concept of free will, will be unnecessary?"

What does the world look like in a world void of volition?

This small book will outline all of the above.

Daniel Sanderson

Daniel Sanderson

Max Planck, The Ship of Theseus, an organic platform for authors, and the soothing consumption of knowledge (like a warm cup of coffee) were all incipit inspirations for the ontology of planksip®.

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Is Free Will Unnecessary?
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