The Fear of God is Not A Social Construct

"Fear is the mother of all gods," —Lucretius

Fear, the emotion reserved for terrifyingly scared, has been rebranded in the quest for where the Fear of God lies. The Oxford Language defines "fear" as an "unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat." That doesn't seem to convey the deadly accuracy of the fully-capitalized FEAR, panic attacks, and anxiety issues.

It is also this, "be afraid of someone or something as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening." - This is the God I think wants to be feared. These are the consequences you should fear innately, if not through scripture. It would help if you had fear lodged in your mind, and you better know where it is. No, not the latest blockbuster horror where people get slashed and burned, and no not climate change documentaries, but good old heart-pounding, sweat-pouring FEAR.

I would extrapolate that the "Fear of God" was the highest magnitude of fear. It would be the Everest of FEARS. It would be the "fear" that is beyond the "fear" you are comfortable watching. Indeed, with God, it would be personal but applied to all living human beings.

Therefore walking in fear of God ought to be the scariest walk of your existence.

Case closed, "fear" is often "too scared to look."

The Hebrew word for "fear" is translated into 'awe' in the Bible is yirah (יראה, pronounced yir-ah). FEAR often directly translates into fear, like “fear of the Lord,” but it can also mean respect, reverence, awe, surprise, and worship.

The word "trembling" should have been used if fear equals trembling. Because this is watering down the strength behind the phrase "Fear of God."

But, make no mistake, "yirah" is strongly connected to 'trembling.' So this is an escalator downstairs, a floor from all-out fear, not the near-psychosis prescribed at the start. Now God likes surprises, poetry, music, and wisdom. Indeed the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Proverbs 9:10  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”

Well, now, I'm not scared of this deduction. I can work with it like it was a tool. We need the wisdom to escape the tentacles of Fear. From within those tentacles, I would apply "fear" to being caught in a terrifying process you didn't expect. I would apply fear to the level of superlatives. God's Fear is second to none. But I would not want a relationship with my spouse to be loaded with the Fear of God. I don't need that from my other half; it's complicated enough believing God.

Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Herein, ordained fear dwells.
Sharing knowledge is the first step to humanity. Herein lies social media.

There are four classes of wisdom, according to James 3:15-17: earthly wisdom, intellectual wisdom, devilish wisdom, and the wisdom from above.

According to scripture, the seven pillars of Wisdom are fear of the Lord, instruction, knowledge, understanding, discretion, counsel, and reproof.

How did it come to pass that we have born a generation into existence that is neither shy, demure, scared, voiceless, timid, and afraid? I suspect this would be the ingredients found in the making of a person - but people no longer have these afflictions. They only deal with the world as they see it - and it is certainly nothing to be afraid of. Do you hear me? THIS WORLD is nothing to stand in awe of... maybe the aurora borealis? Huh? Or is it just solar winds caught in our upper magnetic atmosphere? Ho hum...

In contrast, the most docile, soft, and easily manipulated members of our world now have a voice of authority on YouTube and TikTok. Racism, gender wars, and fat-shaming are social contagions worth pounds of dopamine if caught on camera, and the footage is virally spread. Through the lenses of the USA, this current worldview becomes important when you don't have a world war going on. We have too much time on our hands, "Idle time is the devil's playground" or something like that. We've sunk to the level of drag queens in kindergartens.

The authentic Fear of God... where did it go? People live in their bubbles of understanding and acceptance these days. They are deluded. Or is it we - who see this happening from afar - and say that is not right? Why is it not right?

Monetizing your body is your business. But I don't want my world to sink. I still want healthy, good-looking models, even in magazines. Uber fat is not beautiful. It is a Western construct of a bad diet coupled with a bad diet and another scoop of an unhealthy diet with a side order of diabetes. You are not fat-anorexic, and it is not your fucking thyroid. I was fat once, and it didn't feel like liberation or good health, it felt terrible. And even in a culture of fat acceptance, I didn't want to accept my weight, even though everyone around me was heavier.

The fear of God is wisdom. But not having wisdom should send you fearing life because you aren't WISE enough. We don't have an awe of God. It's as if we're up against a war of bad ideas.

Please seek the wisdom of God and learn the fear of God. And do not love this mortal coil, but speak as though your words will last a thousand years, not 2700 swipes.

Think - what we're missing is love. When I see your first post, you are ANGRY and MAD at the White Male Patriarchy, and the slave trade made you fat. We need to quell this overconfidence. We need to make people uncomfortable in front of their screens. We need the return of nervous people on video. We need to take the devices away from the people who are clogging up the internet with hours of fat-pride, ugly-pride. I predict being an incel will turn out to be the next big fad! Ugly people should go back into their mom's basements, and the LGTBQ should go back into their closets.

We can function in a world like that. It is an ancient thought going back to 2018. But since that won't happen, we have to coexist. My defense is the bible, and your defense is some neo-Marx ultra-left mission statement you don't believe in yourself. You are just here to push the envelope. And once the envelope has been open awhile, drag queens in kindergarten lose their teeth, and it becomes normalized.

I will win because I genuinely fear God, and I have religious anxiety and priestly panic attacks. I'm naturally anxious, so I think the world, at the very least, should be as curious about this underlying 'fear' and get to the bottom of it. Whatever it is, I'm scared shitless to find out where we're going next.

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