Video Games

This section explores the impact of video games on society, including education and mental health. It discusses positive aspects, like problem-solving skills and creativity, and drawbacks, such as addiction. The articles highlight diversity in the industry, focusing on female representation and indie games. Emerging technologies like virtual reality are analyzed for their potential to revolutionize gaming.

2 posts

How I Fell out of Love with Overwatch

by Cameron Cowan in Video Games

The article "How I Fell out of Love with Overwatch" provides an honest and personal account of the author's experience with the popular video game Overwatch. The article describes how the game has evolved since its launch in 2016, and how the author's love for it has diminished.

Are Video Games Killing Us?

by Brent Antonson in Video Games

I suppose many people think that we had PONG thirty years ago - and any iteration of a video game since can only be built up with that competitive good wholesome nature - no beheading priests or bringing a city to its knees, no killing bikers gangs or dismembering families...

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