The Cameron Journal

Cameron Lee Cowan, hailing from Denver via Northwest Arkansas, began writing in 2005, specializing in essays and short stories with a vintage touch. His experiences in music, fashion, theatre, and writing have shaped his work, which aims to convey the profundity of everyday life. Cowan's writing, whether at The Cameron Journal or in novels, presents observations that allow readers to form their own thoughts and feelings.

31 posts

The Slave Narrative as Literature

by Cameron Cowan in The Cameron Journal

Introduction The Slave Narrative is one of the most under-appreciated aspects of American literature. This is no small part of it being a primarily oral tradition until after Reconstruction. However, thanks to a few authors who recorded their experiences, like Solomon Northrup and Odaulah Equiano, and the work of transcriptionists...

The Politicized Pandemic

by Cameron Cowan in The Cameron Journal

Reflecting on the lasting effects of Long COVID, the article questions the efficacy of pandemic measures, delving into controversies around vaccines, lockdowns, and masks. It underscores the need for a nuanced approach and acknowledges the complex and individualized nature of living with COVID-19.

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