Philosophy 101

In the mind space that knowledge is cumulative, let's consider Newton's GIANT metaphor of shoulder standing. Or to throw a rather comical spin on this, let's consider how yoga promotes a complete reversal of this concept with the Sarvangasana pose. Namaste.

That's enough Yoga. Let's imagine strong Newtonians, climbing the edifice of knowledge. Mid-way some are unsure of an unstable footing while peering peers have already seen the wonder in the apriori land of enigma beyond. A raw, yet insightful glimpse into the moments prior to the final ascent.

I am envisioning sure-footed examples of stone blocks with gaps and cracks of light visible. This edifice of knowledge has sometimes been described as being built stone-by-stone. There are gaps, stepping stones, stones of varying sizes and even boulders of influence. The top of the wall could be rounded and shaped like shoulders making the platform stable yet keeping elements (stone is an added symbol) of integrity yet challenge the sure-footedness.

Driverless Cars - Who's Driving Whom (notice the 1's and 0's in the windshield?)
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