Call it a Night my Friend

Memories are autocatalytic, a string theory of sorts. Mnemonics, flashbulbs and prehistoric nose-brain are all contributing to the narratives we contrast with the timeline of our existence.

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Call it a Night my Friend

Let me go warm and merry still;
And let the world laugh, an' it will.

- Luis de Góngora (1561-1627)

Chain Reactions, Sand Storms and Merry-Go-Rounds - A planksip Möbius

Chain Reactions, Sand Storms and Merry-Go-Rounds

Call it a Night my Friend

Inspired by Luis de Góngora (1561-1627)'s quote, "Let me go warm and merry still; And let the world laugh, an' it will.". The titled responsion is

Luis de Góngora - planksip
Luis de Góngora y Argote was a Spanish Baroque lyric poet. Góngora and his lifelong rival, Francisco de Quevedo, are widely considered the most prominent Spanish poets of all time. His style...
What does Luis– de Gongora and Heraclitus have in common? Find out on planksip.

Memories are autocatalytic, a string theory of sorts. Mnemonics, flashbulbs and prehistoric nose-brain are all contributing to the narratives we contrast with the timeline of our existence.

Memories are known to be autocatalytic or autotelic. It means that they come from the subconscious or brain. The brain is always active even when asleep. Memories are just like those memories in that there is a lot of information in your head and it is not always easy to retrieve them.

Some memories will come back to you, some will not. Sometimes you will remember what you were doing while you were sleeping. In other cases, you will not remember anything at all. You are as active as you were while awake. If you want to learn something, you have to work at it is a never-ending process. You are in fact the most active part of yourself when you are asleep.

The best way to get better at remembering things is to develop a memory bank. This is the part of your brain that stores your memories. You should try to remember as many things as possible that you can when you are asleep. Some of these may include where you were born, how long ago you were born when you went to school, and so on. You should try to keep a mental memory journal.

This is an important part of your mental health. This is where you go through every memory that you have and write down the details of each memory. This is how you are able to develop your memory and remember more things. Once you have gone through the memory journal, you should look for any problems that you are having to recall certain memories.

One of the most common memory problems is when you have amnesia. If you do not have the ability to remember who did something to you, then it could happen in your sleep. You may think that you did not do it yourself and then remember later when you were awake. An amnesiac will be able to remember things, but he or she will not be able to access their mind and recall it.

Another memory problem is fragmented memory. This is when you are not able to recall your thoughts in any sequence or order. This is especially true if you had a traumatic experience recently such as being hit by a car. You may not be able to recall exactly what happened or how the accident happened.

Another memory problem that you may suffer from is when you have a delayed recall. where the memory that you are trying to recall has already faded away. This is a memory problem that has to do with your memory retention. If you have information that you are trying to retain in your mind but cannot, then you should go to bed and try to get the information. again in the future.

Memory is the most important aspect of your brain and you can improve it by learning new skills and techniques. You can learn techniques that will help you remember things. If you learn the proper techniques then you will remember much better. This will allow you to retain information better and use it more effectively.

Memory is not about how many times you can memorize particular information. It is also not about how well you are able to memorize anything. What memory is all about is how well you can change the way that you think and the way that you view the world around you.

This is a very important skill that you must practice daily. it will take some time but you will learn to become a better thinker and a better listener. as you learn to use this skill.

You can train your brain to think better using brainwave entrainment. and this is a process that uses the power of your brain waves. The goal of this process is to train your mind to produce the right brainwaves for better mental clarity. You can listen to the brainwaves produced by binaural beats and try to align the beats with your brain.

This process is easy and will work. It is something that is worth considering when you want to increase your memory.

Einstein's Futurity Theory

Inspired by Albert Einstein (1879-1955)'s quote, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.". The titled responsion is

Albert Einstein - planksip
Einstein developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. Einstein’s work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science.
What does Albert Einstein have in common with other intellectual giants of the past? Find out on planksip.

Sanderson is my last name, Stormy Weathers is a favorite fictional character (sorry Jesus), imagination is a link that connects the frontal cortex to the rest to the other and us.

Albert Einstein was one of the most brilliant minds of all time. And that is saying something as he was one of the giants of physics. And, if I had to guess, I would say that his theories are still around us because of them. Indeed, it is amazing how many inventions we have today, but we are missing one very important part. This is because our minds were not designed to understand and work with these concepts, much less to use them. In fact, for most of us the concept of a "creative genius" would be laughable. Well, maybe they do; and maybe in time you will too.

To be a creative genius means that you can come up with ideas that make no sense to you, but that seems to make sense to others. And in order to harness this power, you must first learn how to think. It is a skill that requires you to go beyond what you think is possible. If you want to become a creative genius, you must first develop the ability to create images in your head that lead to new thoughts. And then, once those new ideas are formed, you must translate those thoughts into action. Only then will you be able to create a new world.

And that is where this book comes in. You see, by using some simple concepts that Einstein used to build his theories, you can take your ideas and transform them into reality. This is because these concepts are very similar to the principles that the scientists of yesterday used to discover their theories. Indeed, we have lost this knowledge. That is why, and I hope this is true, that The Evolution of Physics, by Albert Einstein, Leopold Infeld, and Albert Strum (1938) is the missing link that allows us to tap into the mind power of the giants of yesterday. Think on this.

Chain Reactions, Sand Storms and Merry-Go-Rounds - A planksip Möbius

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