Global Burning

Black and White Poetics — Episode 9

This is the ninth episode in a series about climate.

By Daniel Sanderson, Samir Arora,

May 17, 2022
1 min read
B&W Poetics (for Mother Earth)

Black and White Poetics — Episode 9


Cyclones, cyclones
I don’t think you should bike home
‘Cause...well, there’s snow all over the road

Traffic lights they flicker
As the devil slightly snickers
At us while we fight and bicker
Over choices in wording

Might be cold on Earth
But down in Hell it’s surely burning

So called
Cause they ain’t skippin’ Christmas
Nor Easter
If you live in Beantown
Just like me
Then you’ll see
Just what I mean
...woah, where’d that car come from?

Rain, rain won’t go away
Matter of fact, it’s here to stay
Don’t believe me - check the numbers
Then you’ll see that it’s no wonder
Why we’re all so up in arms
For, you see, we face great harm
And if you may doubt this fact
Well, stuff your reasons in a sack
And take that sack on down to Georgia
Where it don’t just rain, it pours bruh
Should your skepticism linger
All the proof is in your finger

Ah, it’s bloody hot yaar!

The bell curve dances from the left
And glances rightward, where except
For dandruff flakes, there shan’t be kept
For building snowmen
Nor a need for eating
That has been microwaved
And, by the way:
If you have never done that
Well, fun fact:
It’s delicious

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