Black and White Poetics - Episode 8


There’s a storm comin’
Comin’ for the poles
Rain rushin in
Like the oven wasn’t closed
Pouring, pouring
While the rest of us keep
Snoring, snoring
Ignoring the warnings
‘Cause it seems boring

Speaking of precipitation
Let’s discuss the indications
We can surely surmise
From the data at hand
If you scan across the land
You’ll see dryer subtropics
But the poles are more wet than a willie
It’s not a dumb topic

See them trees?
They gettin hit with extra degrees
So they dryer than a summertime Mexican breeze
I guess you can breathe
But really, you should be a little cautious
If vegetation’s any indication we could all just
Fade away
Brace for rain
And snow
And floods
And blood
And pain
People love to say
That it’s all gonna be okay
But baby it ain’t
Wish it was
It’d take a little something from above
But right now the only thing coming from there
Is rain
And even Noah’s gettin scared

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