Black and White Poetics - Episode 7


Peep the mean
See how deep the scene
Has been infected
Just inspect it
And you’ll see the stats reflect it
If we wanna keep it going here on Earth
We should respect it
I mean, how can we expect to be immune to the effects
Of our inanity
It’s insanity

Is it really CO2
That’s got us feeling so blue?
To determine if that’s true
We must turn to all the clues

Like the finger prints and such
That can show us very much
How the split between the blame that lies on nature
And on us ain’t exactly dutch
If you don’t believe it - hush!

Let the experts do the talking

Got a whole lotta layers
Like carpet on the stairs

Down low be the tropo
Where we live - it’s mighty hot, yo

Then above you got the strat
Where it’s colder - picture that!

Got balloons in the sky
Satellites - oh my

But we still ain’t got a clue
What the hell we’re gonna do

The deeper the seas
The steeper the degrees
For the keeper of the fees
Cares not much for poor thee
But for thy fish you wish

Rain, rain, go away - can keep singing
But it won’t

And what of the trends?
Well, frankly, it depends
Where you’re looking
‘Cause the rain
Ain’t been falling quite the same
In all the world’s divergent alcoves
At least according to the folks
With thermoses and lab coats
...wait, not thermoses
I meant to say “thermometers”
Yes - that was the word

...carry on

Better check the latitude
If you really want to know
Just which way the wind shall blow
And has been blowing all these years
So that, captain, you can steer
Us all to safety

From the
North Pole to the South Pole
Changes in the downpour
And the
Rain ain’t comin’ out cold
So it’s
Time for another route, yo
‘Cause the
Blame game can’t change things
So we
Stay caged in the same lane
While the
Subtrops get dumb hot
And it
Don’t look like we got a shot
To get
Things right, for it’s too late
To just
Parlay to a new fate
‘Cause the
Deep trops gettin’ wet wet
And it
Do seem like a bet bet
That it
Ain’t nothin but the tick tock
Of the
Small hands on the big clock
‘Til we
All die in a whirlpool
Of our
Own sins
We the world’s fools

The Sun sets silently over the roaring waves
Who knows if we’ll ever see it again?
But what I want to know is - have you ever seen the rain?
Well...have you?
I’m glad
You should really make note of it
Who knows if you’ll ever see it again?
Kinda hard to keep a chipper attitude|
In the middle latitudes
Where things are drying up
Quicker than they could ever
Hope to
Get wet
...the Sun sets

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