Black and White Poetics - Episode 6


Drilling holes in the ice
Ain’t very nice
But it’s part of the way
We’ve been conditioned to play
Since the dawn of the machines
Circa tail of the eighteenth
Up ‘til then, we kept it clean
‘Cause we respected the green
In fact, we’ve been kind
For quite a very long time
If ice cores can be trusted
That is
Eons flew by
Without a cry from the sky
And now the planet is burning
Because we won’t stop churning
Out nonsense

Digging through the rocks
Will get us somewhere
Once we uncover
All that’s become
Isotopically light
Long as we keep poking in the right
So don’t lose your bright faces
No need to keep your lips tight like laces
For the carbon from your breaths
Ain’t what’s got us close to death
It’s the carbon number twelve
That’s got us headed straight to Hell
Inside a handbasket|
Forget the damn casket
We’re killing ourselves and we can’t stop laughing!

...let’s stop this madness

For over a century
The learned have been venturing
From station to station
And earnestly measuring
The changes in temperature
Still it cannot be said for sure
If pandora can be stuffed back into that little box

Everybody gather round
And listen to my story
In all its grand glory
Before things get too gory

It’s about a boy - and a girlie, too
But they ain’t your average kids; they’ll split your world in two

La chica es La Niña
Y ella es mezquina
She makes it so you got to wear three coats
To sail a boat

Y El Niño is the little rascal burning up the icebergs
So forgive me if for him
I ain’t got many nice words

Since, you see - I think we should conserve the frost
But eso chico malo does his best to ensure it’s lost

And I ain’t the one who’s boss
But I sure wish I was|
‘Cause I’d keep him off the mountains and the hills
Like a fountain, I would spill
My force his way
To keep feedback loops at bay

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