Black and White Poetics - Episode 5


Hold on now, son
For our work’s far from done
As the ocean can only do so much
The rest - well, surely it’s up to us
To shoulder that burden
Since we’re the one’s burnin’
Up all of that fuel
Can we be so cruel
To leave it all to Mother Earth to clean up our mess?
Ain’t she got enough stress?

Look at what we’re putting her through, mate!

And now for some feedback
This time from the ice
Who, from all that I’ve heard
Thinks we haven’t been nice
As we put out gas
That, in turn, ends up trapped
In the not-so-permafrost
Causing it to melt
Like a thin slice of cheddar
On a fat slab of beef

One of these gases is methane
And it’s a shame|
‘Cause methane
Is even more of a pain
Than carbon
It’s like we’re starvin’
For an even more odious greenhouse effect
And what’s worse is that as the temperature rises
So, too, does the amount of methane that comprises
Our atmosphere
And it keeps on and on, in a loop
...well, like I said: here’s that feedback

To curb the decay
We must learn of its ways
And observe every day
How it changes its play

For this, we need tools
And methods - and rules!
So we can see whether
Things are getting better


CO2 Emissions - The Game
The only one in which to “level up” is to be lame
...Here come the hurricanes!

(in a tropical accent of some sort)

Mauna Loa
Goes to show-ah
We pumped it up, now we need to go slow-ah

The Keeling Curve
We killing Earth
Parts per million
Painted in vermillion
Blood splatter
Thud! Shatter!
It won’t end
Until we make amends
So tell your friends
To tell their friends
And maybe then
The curve will bend



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