Black and White Poetics — Episode 4


Positive feedback
Moves in a loop
Like a chicken chillin’ in a coop
And the egg that it’s bound to produce
When the egg hatches, it’s gon be a chicken, too
And then that chicken’s gonna lay an egg
And then the whole process repeats
And we
Ask ourselves, rhetorically
Which one came first?
Knowing that it really makes no difference
As long as there’s a chicken
There will be an egg
And vice versa


Water vapor
Makes it warmer
And the warmer it gets
The more the air gets wet
Because the vapor
It thrives
As the temperatures rise
But you see
This increase in degrees
Is caused by the vapor itself
As it is, indeed
A rather potent gas of a house that’s green
So it’s like a cycle
You see what I mean?

And then the ice melts
Leaving less of a surface
To reflect the heat away
Causing more ice to melt
Like what the hell?
Can’t we catch a break here?
Come on, mate
Surely it ain’t too late

But then the clouds
Now this one’s a little bit different
‘Cause it kinda goes both ways here
If the clouds hang low
Then the cool winds blow
But if they soar up high
In the sky
Well then it’s bound to be a bit of a scorcher my guy

It’s negative
It’s positive
But I’ll tell you what it ain’t: neutral
And neither should you be
Don’t you see?
Or are you too busy skipping to the same ol’ beat
As everybody else

Go ‘head...go ‘head.

Smoke from a source so primitive
Fills the air in quantities unlimited
But we just drive on by
Wishing not to veer from our lane
The fast lane
On the highway
To our certain demise
It’s going down
...Lord knows, it’s going down

The global carbon cycle
Once virtuous, now quite vicious
Though our intentions may not have been malicious
The result has been far from nutritious
For the health of our cherished biosphere
So soon we shall perish - the time is near
The time to fear
Has come
But it passed long ago
For now we have come to the end of our show
And so we’d like to thank the ocean
For its loving devotion
To keeping the curtain
From dropping for certain
By capturing some of that carbon release
And tucking it into its transparent fleece
Mr. Plank - thanks a ton!
Mr. Al - golly gee!
With all of your help, we’ve managed to keep
Our atmosphere free
Of nearly half the CO2 that would otherwise be
Floating all around it
Like rabid jellyfish
Waiting to sting us all
At once

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