Black and White Poetics — Episode 2



To gift you the ability
To comprehend convective instability
I shall proceed to paint you a portrait
For this, I’ve deemed to be a little more fit
Than merely hocking up a fancy definition
Leaving you in virtually the same condition
So listen closely to the coming set of rhymes
And you’ll be sounding like a climate scholar in no time

Show time

You see it’s like a big butt plopping on a whoopie cushion
All the air that those cheeks are pushin
Ends up rising to the sky
Like steam from a fresh baked rhubarb pie

Now it’s really no pressure, which is likely the reason
Hindustan tends to have such a noted monsoon season
And it happens all the time, ‘specially near the Equator
Around the famous doldrums spoken of by Samuel Taylor
Coleridge, or should I say the mariner
For he was speaking, at the time, through the character
Anyhoo, back to school, we’ve got more to do
As I still have not informed you of the mid-latitudes
Where the air also rises, like the sun in the east
Making things a little windier to say the least
And then there’s the Hadley cells and the polar regions
Which used to be the source of our colder seasons

It’s only gonna get even more confusing
Just as long as we keep using
Fossil fuels
Those docile tools
When are we gonna see that
We ain’t nothin but fools

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