Upward and Onward - A Women's Own Perspective

Eternal Women draws us upward.

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

Bamfield on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada is a remote community that is home to a sophisticated marine science research centre, but also to a town that is spread out between a number of inlets. I loved this photo because we had the amazing experience of kayaking in amongst these inlets and remote areas that are untouched. Shortly after this photo was taken, I saw an elusive humpback whale emerge from the sea briefly and never saw it again.
Little Man in a Boat (on the far left) - A planksip® Möbius Hardly Worthy of Mentioning

Firstly, this concept of transcended eternity is obviously idealistic. So what? The descent of down is anything but transcendental, despite our best intentions. So which is is up? I am certain it must be backwards!

Alternatives to the transcendental, progress is downstream from the past. The river metaphor flows, bends and breaks the monotony of monogamy; this marriage between a transcended reality and the orientation that we find ourselves in.