For Your Consideration:

Homo Corporatum

A recently evolved species who, curiously, derives sustenance from material goods rather than organic matter, other than a cereal-derived ethanol infused with various and sundry chemical compounds (depicted above). It spends its days garbed in fibres woven from flowering plants, insect larvae cocoons, ovine hair, and bovine skin.

It displays a particular proclivity towards a decorative promissory note made from the same plant fibre as its attire. Strangely, no matter how many of these it acquires, it displays an insatiable desire for more, leading many to speculate that it is the acquisition, rather than the possession or utilization, that drives its behaviour.

Its mating rituals are rudimentary, often ill-considered, and based entirely upon display.

Although it may spend some communal time with its fellows during the day, it is primarily a solitary species, owing as much to its moral vacuum as to the nature of its survival techniques. Often viewed as an invasive species, it is now present on all inhabited continents of Earth and exploits sociological niches wherever it finds them.

Ironically, its IUCN status is LC (least concern).

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