Tell them I am coming

In the little mountain villages

Where sparrow girls in homespun dress

Spin in tiny circles

Stir the dust and build a Storm

That will last longer than anyone believes

And the ground beneath my heels

At my approach will surely crack

Tell them I am coming

With an army at my back.

Tell them I am coming

In the dark and cloistered cities

Where the coffee notes infest

The narrow minds and tiny rooms

Where the talkers only talk of small rebellion

Before they find a seat and settle

Tell themselves they fought the battle in their

Binary coded war

Tell them I am coming

All I settle is the score.

Tell them I am coming

Coming fast and coming now

Bringing ashes, where once was fire,

Echoes, where once was music,

Dust, where once was life.

For their architecture’s showing

Like bones that keep on growing,

For no reason,

Other than to grow.

Tell them I am coming

Though they’ll be

The last to know.

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