For Your Consideration:

Femina Socialitum

A species that underwent rapid evolution in the 20th century, it is a creature whose underlying survival mechanisms remain relatively unchanged despite its superficial modifications.  Some of its more intriguing behaviours involve ritual adornment, slathering itself with emollients and humectants, strategic application of oils derived from plants and animals, or daubing its vestigial claws with a polymer of flammable nitrocellulose dissolved in acidic salts (see: “acetate”).

In its natural habitat it demonstrates a fondness for promissory notes derived from plant fibre, but only inasmuch as it affords it the means by which to purchase garments made of said plant fibre, insect larvae cocoons, ovine hair, bovine skin, and a seemingly endless array of synthetic polymers.

One of its primary adaptations is a form of parasitism, in which it subsists off inherited or acquired social status that correlates with sustenance and shelter. Its mating rituals are based almost entirely upon display, and a reliance upon elaborate signals designed to lure the prospective mate into elementary symbiotic arrangements.

Depicted above imbibing a grape-based libation, it also exhibits a propensity for sugar-based carbonated beverages blended from fruits, ethanol, and ennui.

Generally harmless, it can be extremely dangerous if placed in a room with its own kind (see: parvenu).

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