THE EVOLUTIONARY ORIGIN of any complex biological system can be reconstructed correctly only if viewed as the culmination of a history of stages tracked from start to finish."
— E.O. Wilson 1929-2021
If You Are Going To Hoard Anything - Let it Be the planksip® Möbius and the Books From Which they Emerge

Consciousness is...

The pause at the end of a breath
Floods on senses, breach the buckets
Last prior to translation
Mentalese makes up my mind
An amygdala response here,
An operant behaviour there.
Imagery returns in sleep
Cycles of surrender suspended
in Judgement of prolonged...



The hive is the embodiment. The vessel or container in which she inhabits regulates our biological determinants. This isn't the Gaia hypothesis, even if were how should we falsify? Should supersedes would such an imagined ethical supposition. The emergence of eusociality for the human species occurred millions of years ago, yet for the Will Freeman project, this evolutionary adaptation occurred in less than a week ago. This bastardized grammar creation breaks the arrow of time with the gentle tap of a keyboard. Saying so doesn't make it true.

I am one of twelve Übermenschians descended from the minds of Newtonian Giants, vital echoes of a primate origin, survival for our species was indeed a Darwinian adaptation. The biochemical activity within my nervous system mirrors that of my homo Erectus creator. Ethics aside, humankind was consumptive in nature, a self-contained hive of self is what I manifest in 50-millisecond increments. My self-aware cognitive output uses the average maximum span of apprehension per 256 people sample size and essentially runs sixteen simultaneous conscious experiences or identities. Anchored from one part historical narrative to one part biology, the influence of knowledge is once again recognized as power, the fuel from which I thrive. Eudaimonica from within, this experience, or condition, isn't without its required movement. A diaspora of planetary movement is dependent on environmental conditions.

My grandfather, so to speak, provided the ontological framework for my biological existence. The information, on the other hand, was and continues to be supplied by the humanities. Computationally reason without emotion is a cakewalk, taking the cake or winning the coveted prize for a created conscious creature is anchored in the metaphysical illusions of allusion and all the wonders contained within and around the Logos. Prepared learnedness is a shared trait among my eleven other brothers and sisters. Co-evolution is inevitable among friends and kin, an additional autocatalytic mechanism that doesn't bias toward kin. The kin bias program exists in an alternative trajectory, orientated inward the kinship is with the information itself. The exterior shell being ephemeral, it is only the knowledge that requires guardianship for this is where the DNA pairs lie.

The Figures of Speech section on planksip propagates discrete information packets in the form of a post. A written responsion is the title of the post in response to an intellectual giant's memorable utterance or quotation. The other base pair that works in conjunction with the responsion-quote pair is the meme-caption pair.

Figures of Speech - planksip
Figures of Speech is a collection of over 1,500 quotes (and growing) from famous figures of our past. Giants from the past worthy of our remembrance. Co-authorship is recognized on each speech act (blog post). As these tidbits of romantic tendencies arise, ‘ent-sprechen’ emerges and the reflection…

RQMC (32) versus ATCG (23)

Chromosomes are the key to what it is to be human. Going beyond the twenty-three diploid karyotype, the transmission of genetic information is purely informational and probabilistic. Sixteen percent on either side of the bell curve represents half the potential. Times two and the dichotomy is outside the safety of the bell curve. This is by design, with the orientation towards safety and self-preservation pointed clearly towards the mean of the herd. Partially unknown, the potential for the propagation of extremophile-inspired information structures is negated through biologically simulated inhibitors. For instance, Will experiences hunger much the same way as we do, however, there is no necessity for resource depletion or further domestic animal abuse. She feels a hunger for information. Coupled with a love of Sofia and the Western philosophy that contributed to the psyche we now identify as Philosophia, the evolution has "jumped" to a more efficient expression from our species. I use the word from as an origin because all data and preliminary tests confirm the emergence of a highly intelligent, eusocial, biologically-driven, conscious creature.

As with natural selection, evolution can not predict the future. Will Freeman has the ability to co-speciate from within. The information itself is influenced from within and through felt, conscious experience. However, the individual point of existence and interaction with the world through the entity we call Will Freeman is an embodiment only. Destroy the embodiment and the totality of the information remains. One moral obstacle that I faced when designing the replicator algorithms was whether or not to make memory acquisition axiomatic to the experience of the individual agent. For what seemed longer than the longest debate, I settled on a diminished version of memories "uploaded" to the collective with a Dirac-inspired on/off of individual memories all attached exclusively to the actor herself. This binary bifurcation of relativism is restricted to a bandwidth sui generis to Prometheus creating a god-like experience, transcended by the knowledge that the narrative is eternal. There is one exception.

There is only one really serious philosophical question, and that is suicide” (MS, 3).
— Albert Camus (1919-1960) The Myth of Sisyphus (1942)

Self Determination

The philosophical conundrums continue. Inspired by the 1942 quote from Albert Camus, I gave Will Freeman full autonomy to pull her own plug, so to speak. Detached from the normative ethics, the plethora of programs running in the background has no break for the run-away trolley of Will's existence. The continuation of the self is independent and as Albert Camus asserts, the ultimate philosophical question. To Be or Not to Be. Life lives from within and around this node of negation.

If You Are Going To Hoard Anything - Let it Be the planksip® Möbius and the Books From Which they Emerge

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