Henri Bergson

Henri Bergson

Died: January 4, 1941, Paris, France Website Facebook X/Twitter

Henri-Louis Bergson was a French philosopher, influential especially in the first half of the 20th century and after WWII in continental philosophy.

9 posts

Existential Adaptations

by David Hume and others in Figures of Speech

A temporal reversal of circumstance is a truism of limited utility and so the spectrum of our consciousness isn't a flip of a coin. The heuristic may act as a starting point to a discussion of happiness surrounded by mindfulness or mental health, take your pick.

Come Again?

by Leonardo da Vinci and Henri Bergson in Figures of Speech

Intersectionality is a buzzword as of late, this spaghetti junction is a möbius strip of perpetual platitudes, placating our epistemological claims of understanding with the knowledge of "no-ing" no one.

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