György Lukács

György Lukács

Died: June 4, 1971, Budapest, Hungary Website Facebook X/Twitter

György Lukács was a Hungarian Marxist philosopher and one of the founders of Western Marxism, an interpretive tradition that departed from the Marxist ideological orthodoxy of the Soviet Union.

4 posts

More or Less—O Sepi to Poli

by Aristotle and others in Figures of Speech

More-or-less is the welded watchword for Aristotle's phrase, "o sepi to poli". For the most part, more-or-less, o sepi to poli! Forget Jesus as the fictionalized hero, the new meridian is Norm!

On "Pain"ful Adversity

by Thomas Paine and others in Figures of Speech

The completeness of pain is uniquely human when coupled with our perception of time. However domestically abused the domesticated animals we exploit, the realization, the angst and suffering is intensified in the prefrontal cortex area of the human mind.

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