If GOD is synonymous with UNIVERSE, then GOD LOVES ALL LIFE. PROOF!

"I look at the world and the universe, at the trees, animals, atoms, and the stars - and I'm struck by the insistence of a world that there be a present, accountable, and all-impressive God of all Gods - to please all the masses at once, answer all their questions in one answer, make sense of all the senselessness - his evidence he exists is all around us. But they insist life is an autopsy without a body."

The Universe is a huge amount of thinly populated stars, gases, and planets. As it stands in 2023, WE are the only LIFE there is in the cosmos. There are no contenders, and we are not considered close to finding alien life. Exoplanet voyages are decades or centuries away. SETI, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, shut down its offices. Case closed.

The Universe is almost infinite in its ability to expand into nothing. We thought we had the age of the universe pinned down to 13.8 billion years, only to find it may be 27 or 28 billion years old. The universe just keeps getting stranger.

But the Universe is cold, desolate, and lonely. If a Universe could, the Universe would want to see LIFE form in its midst, under any circumstances! Any life, even a mosquito, would be a wondrous occasion. A planet buzzing with mosquitos would be a huge love for life itself but not much of a cerebral breakthrough. That's why humans are different. We can deduce how rare we are.

LIFE would be a miracle in space's otherwise barren and bleak existence. We are here because the conditions were right. This is called the Fine-Tuning Agreement. Atheists struggle with this.

But now the Universe has LIFE, and it MIGHT be just us Earthlings… all these people rushing to and for, only to die. 27,000 generations so far and no end in sight. Unless Russia goes nuclear.

Now I have argued in deeper terms than most 90% of the world would need to understand and win science over God or vice-versa. I am a closet scientist, and I find myself speaking for the 90% of us that don’t understand science, the scientific method, or its principles. I realize a lot of people are stupid when it comes to their intellect; they think they are smarter than they are. And they vote and buy guns.

God can be expressed as a mathematical model, every single measurement since forever ago. He is the sun, the air, the ether… “God” can be the term we each ascribe to a higher order, a just omniscience, an overarching explanation, Krishna, etc. It was said that even if God didn’t exist, we would need to invent him. Based on physics, I rely on a God that does science exceptionally well.

Moral: The Universe would” love” to have life created within it. Therefore, God would LOVE to see LIFE evolve in the Universe. Therefore, God loves all eternally if God exists (see above).

If GOD = UNIVERSE, if these terms are synonymous - GOD LOVES ALL LIFE... PROOF!

For All religions, God’s love has been PROVEN.

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