The Google Logo palette has 4 colours which are Blueberry (#4285F4), Sea Green (#34A853), Selective Yellow (#FBBC05) and Cinnabar (#EA4335). This colour combination was created by user Keshav. The Hex, RGB and CMYK codes are in the table below.

The New Face of Gogol - Original Art by planksip®

Run the images of Gogol through some sort of art filter and sell the art piece (resembling a social media meme) on planksip®. Pulling out the subjectivity within surrealism and all you have left is paint by numbers, or so it would seem.

We are all truth seekers but this is more of a branded Art. Does it matter?

Pattern recognition is the instrument of our instruction and, perhaps, destruction.

Not to be nihilistic, or to be, is a reversal worth discussing.

My determined choice algorithm for image manipulation starts with the movement of the eyes.

This is a collection of curated planksip® responsion aphorisms appearing in stamp form.

[put the google colours on Gogol, paint by numbers, aphorisms and?]

This has to be a fear piece, a codec to display intentionality.

Something the machines can not learn. From a world of hiding and severed communication, the artwork we create may be that medium that once again connects and unites humanity.

The picture this paints may be dystopian and pessimistic in some interpretations, I see resilience.

How can I, in the face of such oppressive uncertainty, suggest an axiomatic resilience?

Our pattern recognition software isn't better but it's different. We have to exploit its potential and leverage the possibilities.

The answer for biological independence is incompatible with eventuality. Assimilation is collective.

The Paradyme is shifting towards Big Data and algorithmic utopias.

The need for philosophy is greater than ever. Some say, "useless class", I say Bohemian!

Machines can learn to manipulate us.

We should acknowledge this as a possibility, some say remote others are cautious and rightfully so, we have never approached anything quite so Prometheus-like.

Anything else would be irresponsible. Cast this aside and we have Will Freeman.

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