Philosophy From A to Z

All human thinking proceeds by means of 'concepts'. Find out why. Series courtesy of Robert Hanna, Ph.D.

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by Robert Hanna in Philosophy From A to Z

Epistemology: 1. the theory of knowledge; 2. standardly, narrowly, and inadequately, the theory of the justification of rational human (true) belief and of replies to skepticism about knowledge-claims and/or justification; 3. non-standardly, broadly, and adequately, the theory of human or ...


by Robert Hanna in Philosophy From A to Z

Intentionality: 1. the human or non-human animal conscious mental representation of something or another; 2. the “aboutness” of the mental; 3. human or non-human animal cognition; 4. the basic innate capacity or power of an animal subject with other basic innate capacities

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