p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

If I had to define "Engagement Fallacy", it would state, "Content produced for clicks and likes is not engagement". There is no substitute for quality content and in this age of information, conceptual associations build equity. The market defines what is quality, but the thought leaders of Academia (and beyond) have all the potential to form a better society, plus years of research and lecture skills to draw on. How do we measure better? Science should be The shepherd, not fanatical religiosity. Followers on social media forms are not enough, planksip® offers a variety of solutions. Propagating thought concepts on an organic platform build equity around the Newtonian Giants of the past. For example, my goal is to build a brand around Max Planck and the Ship of Theseus. I blog about these topics as well as the concepts of Quantum Mechanics, Identity, and the organic platform for authors and Academics. This is what defines the registered trademark of planksip® and my gift to you.

"Knowledge is the greatest gift, it's always trying to get out of the present" - Dr. Cory Elliot (fictional character in Will Freeman)

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