p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

Consider an analysis of religion. I took twenty living and self-acknowledged Christian academics and ran their names through the planksip® P.A.S.F. filter. Running the filter to an order of magnitude would have returned results well into the multiple millions. My simple computer program limits me to four (4) iterations. Again, I need help with is, employing Data Scientists, Economists and fellow Philosophers. The data is there, all we need to do is extract it and utilize it. Function over forme. Comparing results from relatively small data sets to that of Atheist thinkers yield some interesting comparative sets of data. Even further, I compared this to 15 other religions. I published the paper on Academia.edu (removed), search "planksip" and you will find the paper. Essentially the research tells us that secularism is on the rise, whereas all other religions are on the decline. No big surprises here but we have another measuring tool that could act as a social index.  I am only looking at these analytics in a part-time capacity, proper and due diligence with a network of like-minded individuals could leverage this framework in wondrous and unique ways with upside potential for machine learning, cognition and bridging the knowledge gap between layman and the Academic.

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