Pascal's Wager version 2.0

p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #GoogleplanksipAccording to Pascal, there are three types if people. Those that serve, those that search, and those that are lazy

5 months ago

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p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

According to Pascal, there are three types if people. Those that serve, those that search, and those that are lazy and lost.

Manifest throughout history are rubbernecking, power yielding figures of speech and action redirected towards the direction of a beautiful woman. Pascal points out that the shape of Cleopatra's nose could have altered history as we know it. Two dimes represent a choice of probability similar to the astragali, beyond a head or tail, Venus or the dog throw. The probability of a "pair of dimes" representing a shift in paradigms, is directly related to our collective interpretation of truth.

Contrary to Pascal, there is no downside to doubt. Rene Descartes is often misquoted in, cogito ergo sum, with the truncation removal of doubt from the concept of the thinking self. Thought without doubt is fallacious. Theories are nets cast to collect concepts. The "holy" net of Religious dogma is toxic for the baby and should be thrown out with the bath water, or should it? If Religion had it’s time, the jig is up. Redistribute the power and wealth. The Pope who makes this claim and backs it up with distributive justice for all would be a Pope worthy of worship. For what it’s worth he (or she) would have my vote.

Pascal's Wager was on the existence of God. Version 2.0 is secular. This revision is a wager with the probabilities of prosperity, yielding winners and losers, all while providing equal opportunity for all. This playing field should be level for all under a veil of ignorance and outside the protective shelter of Plato's cave or the allusion of the gaussian bell curve.

What is the purpose of the polis, allowing the good to come into being? This is a theology worth defending and a being worthy of constructing, impervious to identity fundamentalism,​ ​especially if we re-construct the conversation on empirical data, evidence and due process.

Disenchanted is a malady in opposition to happiness and congruent with complacency. Complacency and indifference are not the same. Some complacency is virtuous and a function of self-preservation. Friedrich Nietzsche asserted the Will to be the determining force in the rise to power or an individual striving for greatness. We must protect this lever and give everyone a pull. Thus Spake Big Data Determinism.

Living in the End Times is a car crash, the accident you can't stop to look at. A whiplash of backlash from extremist, opportunists. Are these the black swans of our society. The Better Nature of our Being dictates fair and equitable opportunity for all. A dictator worth following.

Russell's golden mean of happiness is a resignation to the multitude of urgency, anxiety and an inward tendency to introspection. A neutral monism was Bertrand Russell's personal philosophy of happiness and perhaps a path out of the Ego paradox. Paradoxically, Russell paradox was mathematical in nature. Look up the set theory of Russell's paradox.

Daniel Sanderson

Published 5 months ago