p.Dante(8.0) - Truth

Daniel Sanderson
Apr 4, 2017
1 min read


"Identifying himself with the Narrator, a concession charged with psychological risk, with an apparent denial and self-denial of the poetic, Dante vows to the reader that he is reporting verity. He swears it ("tigiuro") by that which is most precious ..." - George Steiner

8.0.1 - The main point: Dante's truth claim IS the Commedia.
8.0.2 - Duality Statement: Compare and contrast the values of truth between Dante's world and what we know and accept today as truthful and virtuous.
8.0.3 - Sentiments: - All that is true about the Commedia is defined and redefined into this masterpiece of Dante's greatest truth. Not to mention a delightful time travel to the sixteenth century. - Influence matters. When a giant like Dante says his Commedia is 'the' truth, this proposal to humanity is anything but prenuptial.
8.0.4 - Further reading: Commedia
8.0.5 - Existential Statement of Futurity:
8.0.6 - QUESTION:
8.0.7 - Populous Response:
8.0.8 - MOBIUS: - From Dante (1321) versus Hieronymus (1516), 195 years. Second generation. Is one example of shoulder standing. This one returns back on itself
8.0.9 - TAGS: truth, Dante, Commedia

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