In an Idealized World, Forgiveness is Divine

God forgive you, but I never can.
— Elizabeth I (1533-1603)
A Symmetry is Not Asymmetrical but Sounds Like it Is. A planksip Möbius.

A Symmetry is Not Asymmetrical but Sounds Like it Is

In an Idealized World, Forgiveness is Divine

God forgive you, but I never can.
— Elizabeth I (1533-1603)

The titled responsion is idyllic in nature with the limitations of a governing Queen opening admitting her shortcomings as a flawed but realistic Monarch.

If you contrast "God forgive you, but I never can" with "video et taceo" ("I see but say nothing"), we can imagine the Virgin Queen in deliberation unique to her personality. To act or not to act, that is the question that this Queen performs in her daily rituals of governance. Tough job!

A Symmetry

There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.
— Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

The titled responsion plays off the opposite or finds a pattern where none exists. The particular circumstance, or happenstance if you like, exists as a metaphysical onomatopoeia.

A symmetry is diametrically opposed to asymmetry, and yet it sounds the same. A space is all that separates chaos from order (a symmetry versus asymmetry). Why is it that the opposite of aesthetics is a perversion of sorts? Excellence is the one true aesthetic, ordered chaos that binds us to the Hellenic.

"In an Idealized World, Forgiveness is Divine." When " forgive " is mentioned, most people have a vague picture of what forgiveness truly means. This is a fairly accurate statement if we were to put it in terms that the average person would understand.

The reality is forgiveness requires not only the action of the one who has done wrong but the action of all those involved. In many ways, forgiveness does not even require forgiveness at all. Forgiveness consists of making amends and the intention to make amends by word and deed (think of the ability to respond and be responsible). If you do not commit your actions to the end of forgiveness, you will do more harm than good to the offended person. The idea is that correcting one's actions; some refer to this as atonement, in the face of obvious error is an opportunity for social consilience.

However, forgiveness does not mean forgetting everything you have done. In the real world, forgiveness is a work in progress (sorry for the truism) that involves the forgiveness of all involved. If one does not forgive those who have offended him, he is bound to repeat the same mistake (and what mistake may that be?).

Deceiving the Delusion of the Self

He who reigns within himself and rules his passions, desires, and fears is more than a king.
— John Milton (1608-1674)

The titled responsion is advice well-taken, deluded perhaps through the identity of the self, our one apparent subject irony at play within each and every one of us.

John Allison and John Travis created the Self-Improvement program. The main message of the program is that you can't be what you think you are, so if you are not happy with your current self, then the program can help you identify the areas in your life where you feel dissatisfied, and then you can work on those areas to increase your happiness. There are many ways that you can work on the areas that you believe are not working, and this includes positive thinking and self-improvement.

The Utilitarian Dictator

The best is the enemy of the good.
— Voltaire (1694-1778)

The titled responsion is a buttress of Plato's wisdom where the best represents an absolute negation of what is Good.

This is, perhaps, my favorite quote from Voltaire and one that we should all keep in mind. Best implies a limit, an unchangeable doctrine frozen in time regardless of the forme-function model of iterative improvement. Best contains the seed of justified action, "we made the best decision we could considering the information available at the time". Anathema! We can do better!

Environmental Expressions (Normally) Exasperated

To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.
— Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

The titled responsion gives us a moment to pause on the specificity of the day versus the generic use of the age at hand.

Don't believe everything you hear. Sometimes the waves of propaganda penetrating or limited bandwidth of input and apprehension is beyond the association of meaning. Minimal living hacks into our most valuable resources; time and space. Extract away!

Don't believe everything you read or hear, remember a large part of our world is made up of fiction!!
Victoria Addino

Zeno's Sickness

Forever is composed of now's.
— Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

The titled responsion is an allusion to Zeno's paradox, a sickness perhaps of perverse origin because the net result is a null statement. And yet it persists to this day.

Universal Contradictions Writ Large

What kind of world is this that can send machines to Mars and does nothing to stop the killing of a human being?
— José Saramago (1922-2010)

There is wisdom in Saramago's plea for human life, I for one have been asking this question for quite some time.

Our continued search for extraterrestrial life is an ideal worth pursuing while destroying millions of species on our own planet isn't nearly as romantic. And so we bury our heads in the sand and move on, consuming more, acquiring wealth for the sake of our fellow human beings, with very little economic consideration to the biodiversity that supports us all. This perverse reversal of priorities is a living dystopia that we wake up to every morning. A sad state of mourning is what is the only forme of wokeness that I endorse. A suitable graduated title considering the radical remnants of everything Left. Read Hegel on Freedom!

Overall, the authors from all walks of life, a plurality of the populous voice as I like to refer to it, examine a variety of perspectives to see which one best answers the questions that we have about one's personality and the Universe as a whole. She does this through an introduction, a description of his own personality, and then through many different examples, illustrations, videos, and hopefully, acts of kindness. Careful consideration of what you do on a daily basis and how it affects others is the claim from one Romantic to another.

A Symmetry is Not Asymmetrical but Sounds Like it Is. A planksip Möbius.

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