When we mathematically put Platonic forme over function in a one-to-one relationship, the results are unchanged. Functionality is defined by the functionality of the forme. One, divided by one, equals one. One simple idea is a illusion so data is all that we can test. Tinkering, trial and error, take your pick but observation is the feedback mechanism to evaluate and starts with the creative self. This type of system is useful in uncertainty or discourses of disorder.

Doubling forme over the same single unit of function nets nothing more than more forme with no added function, perhaps even a decrease in efficiency because of the increase in complexity. As a pluralist who agrees with scalability, I defeat relativism by structuring opinion based on several factors, but structured none-the-less.  

Function in the numerator over a lesser forme is Utilitarian, runs the risk of decaying to authoritarianism and fueling our distopian bad artificial intelligence narratives. Cicero’s On Duties is worth the read as well as the pragmatism of William James et al, and everything by George Orwell.

A Big Data set of individual function/forme statements would liberate the world, empowering a new age of Liberties and define new freedoms.  The Gadfly mnemonic listening app was designed to propagate and liberate the mind to new potentialities. This would be the highest forme of functionality imaginable, unattainable perhaps, and in the same category as Laplace’s demon.

The corrective nature of the algorithms would be logical in design. Alerting the user to incongruent thoughts, errors in judgement or aid in identifying bias. Never to change these, only to provide real time feedback to the user.

p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2023) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

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