p.(x) = Big Data Determinism (2020) by Daniel Sanderson - #Googleplanksip

Wittgenstein pointed out the lack of conceptual depth in the scientific method. Nietzsche felt philosophy was the only meta discipline. If so, Einstein's love of wisdom beget creativity, which beget the Photoelectric Effect, which beget Sir Nobel. Bound and determined by the end of days, consciousness never rests. So said Freud. Defining the “forme” is the task at hand. Subjugating experimentation to subjective experience explains a lot more with the right interpretive programs. That we write! And re-write!! The perpetual test born on the shoulders of man. Sisifus is no longer rolling a bounder. The mass of humanity shrunk to the size of a algorithm. Sitting at a desk writing and rewriting.

<<insert meme of Al Gore dancing>>

Order is functional, a social contract of intentionality defined by the equation of function over forme. Artificial order, rooted in ideology, is nothing more than fascism. Never negate the nuance. Celebrate the plurality of pluralism but give preference to function, minimizing oppression in any forme. Compared to Capitalism, Communism lacked an efficient flow of information. Efficiency prevails in Information Theory and all that is Economics. The thing that transcends a belief system are things you don't know. Function is intentionality, forme is experiential. Prioritize intentionality and function over the experiential perspective of forme. It’s important to point out, that in philosophy the use of the word intentionality is a cognitive state in which we are directed towards a person, place or thing. This noun destination has a tendency to change its forme to that of experience thus the pattern repeats itself. A morphing möbius. Making sense of disorder and chaos, function is a truth act with a mustard seed of forme. I have to be careful here, Truth is not subjective but our interpretation of Truth is. Starting from a point of certainty we should have commonality. This is science. Am I wrong?

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