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DIY Projects That Help Make the Most of Downtime During the Pandemic

Being stuck at home means it’s a bad time for many things, but one thing it’s terrific for is home improvement projects (even if you have a tiny home!). There are loads of things you can DIY, whether you’re a handyman extraordinaire or just like to tinker a bit. Keeping reading this guide from planksip as we explore all sorts of terrific possibilities to help you make the most of your time at home—and maybe even raise your home’s value while you’re at it.

Is a Home Sale in Your Future?

Do you have some repairs or upgrades around the house you’ve been putting off? Whether you aim to sell your house right away or after the pandemic is past, this is the perfect time to bring things up to speed with that in mind. There are a handful of essential fixes all homeowners should complete before listing a house for sale. For instance, kitchen upgrades in the form of refreshed countertops and new hardware can make the space look new again, and a refinished hardwood floor is an eye-catcher to house hunters. Think about improvements that would make a difference to you if you were seeing the house for the first time, like easy-to-work-with colors and styles, or damaged items that might indicate neglect. Even installing a new toilet seat can make a difference!

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Swap Window Treatments

Whether you’re planning to stay or sell, installing new window treatments is a simple DIY that can really pack a wallop. For instance, Real Simple points out you can select curtains or shades in a color that blends with your walls well to showcase the rest of the room, but to draw attention to the window, choose something bold. Installing the hardware higher will create the illusion your windows are larger, and while shades and blinds offer contemporary appeal, curtains are more traditional and can feel cozier.

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Create A Home Office

Have you found yourself recently working from home more often than not? This is a new situation for many, and if you do not have a home office carved out already, now’s the perfect time to make that happen. When you are at home with your entire family, you need a quiet space to get things done. Choose a spare bedroom or, alternatively, if you don’t have a ton of space, an unused closet can serve as the perfect nook to be productive. A few shelves, a desk, and an internet connection are all you need to get started on your home office.

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Improve Your Backyard

Perennials Shrubs, Ornamental Plants | Bluestone Perennials

Spending more time at home doesn’t mean you need to stay inside, but if you don’t have a great outdoor area to enjoy, your incentive to linger outdoors is minimal. Why not make some improvements that you’ll enjoy during this downtime and beyond? Adding some flowering shrubs or a few containers filled with annuals and brightly-colored mulch can brighten the space, or if you want to add some edibles, plant a vegetable garden.

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Could you use a better outdoor “room” for your backyard enjoyment? You can purchase a deck kit and have it delivered to your door, or have the materials and tool rental delivered for a new stone or brick patio. Once again, not only do you make use of your downtime, these permanent installations can improve the value of your property.

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Install an In-Home Sanctuary

With the pandemic and the quick shift in our lifestyles, it’s natural to feel stressed. Why not set up a space just for meditating and de-stressing? Mayo Clinic explains meditation is a fast and simple stress reducer, as it alleviates tension and promotes inner peace. If you’re new to the practice, there are plenty of free or low-cost apps you can try, or you can follow along with videos or podcasts you find online. Meditation is intensely personal, so test-drive some until you find what you like.

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For your personal meditation space, look for a place in your home that is private and quiet and will remain free of interruptions. Keep the decor simple, uncluttered, and clean, yet beautiful. You might add some houseplants, textiles you enjoy, and a few pieces of inspirational adornment. Aromatherapy in the form of oils or candles can also be a boon; just select scents you find soothing.

There is never a good time for a pandemic, but now is an ideal time to work on some projects around the house. Think about what you’ll benefit from the most and what suits your skills and budget. With a little refreshing of your space, you’ll find you feel better, regardless of what’s happening in the rest of the world.

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