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Membership Matters

The Language Animal Spectrum

Unrealistic and unrealized opportunities circumvent the true potential that lies right in front of us. This preoccupation with the imagined world of projected emotive responses will damage our species for generations to come.


01 of 22 in a collection from William D. Higginson

Teleological Evolution

Evolution does show foresight and intention, as does life in general. This essay examines the issue in some detail. This one is a bit longer than usual, but bear with me. It gets positively cosmic at the end.

Boys and Girls by Alice Munro (1968)

"Boys and Girls" is a short story by Alice Munro, the Canadian winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2013 which deals with the making of gender roles.

On the Philosophy of Religion

This is the shared legacy of western civilization, the testament of an event that still gives shape to our collective longings, though, of course, non-western voices promise to enrich the conversation.

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