Membership Matters

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Membership Matters

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing

Observations on the debate between MMT advocates and Progressive Money Canada founder Jeff Eder

Augmented Attrition & Preemptive Argumentation

The titled responsion is not referring to big biceps, he is referring to the deterrent and destruction of dissent!

Up or Down, Right or Wrong

There is only one way to experience the present, uninterrupted mindfulness coupled with the consistent outcome of homeostasis. We Gestalt the present! This is one path, but not the only path, expand on the Existential!

The Language Animal Spectrum

Unrealistic and unrealized opportunities circumvent the true potential that lies right in front of us. This preoccupation with the imagined world of projected emotive responses will damage our species for generations to come.


01 of 22 in a collection from William D. Higginson

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