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Sip by Sip, Knowledge Accumulates

Bitter sweet symposiums of love edify the structures from which we learn. The biological imperative is partially environmental with proximal and distal influences effecting, and 'affecting', any and all movements towards the future.

She Thinks, Therefore She Can

Oh my God, Pascal's romantic tendencies towards this man-made embodiment figure are vile drivel, let's call a spade a spade and Jesus the fictional phenomenon that he was made to be.

Diplomatic Immunity

This takes on another meaning of validation when you hear the laughter between women instead of instructions from one man to another. We can thank Plato's particular forme of Goodness that this nugget of insight comes to us from women.

Uphill Both Ways

What does it mean to travel uphill both ways? Here's how you can harness life's constant struggle to improve yourself and your writing.

How to Become an Official Enemy of the Professional Academic State. The Timeline of the Sartwell Case, and What It All Means

Dickinson indeed trampled on Sartwell’s right to free speech and played the “mental health issues” card, but now there is escalation.

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