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The Interstate

by Cameron Cowan in The Cameron Journal

The US Interstate, born from the 1956 Federal Highway Act, revolutionized travel with 45,000 miles of high-speed roads. While boosting the economy, its construction upended communities and impacted mass transit. Its legacy is a blend of progress and social challenges.

Banking and Banks

by Cameron Cowan in The Cameron Journal

The article explores the history and impact of banks. From ancient Babylon's grain deposits to the Medici family's influence, it traces the evolution of banking. It discusses the role of banks in modern economies, their power, and the challenges posed by financial crises.

If GOD is synonymous with UNIVERSE - God loves any life

by Brent Antonson

If GOD is synonymous with UNIVERSE, then GOD LOVES ALL LIFE. PROOF! "I look at the world and the universe, at the trees, animals, atoms, and the stars - and I'm struck by the insistence of a world that there be a present, accountable, and all-impressive God of all Gods...

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