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A Whiteheadian Solution to the Combination Problem

Today’s essay concerns an objection to that theory, the combination problem, and how the process metaphysics of Alfred North Whitehead can address it. Panpsychism without process is only part of the story. You need process to solve the combination problem.

Philosophers of the World, Unite! Manifiesto de Cinco Puntos para Anarco-filósofos y otros Filósofos Reales: Un ensayo marginal de W, X, Y, Z.

One of the many false assumptions of Anglo-American professional academic philosophy is that its own unique version of collective stupidity in philosophy, of destructive philosophical Gemeinschaft, is somehow inevitable.

The Art Works Series; A Gallery Proposal...

The expressive aesthetic before you is, in fact, narrative in nature. Within and around the printed media, this collection is deeply philosophical, contemporary and easily scalable. Why scalable?

Do Plants Have Goals?

The topic this time is plants, specifically, whether plants have goals, as sentient agents do. Contemporary philosopher Scott Sehon, echoing the intuitions of many, says they don’t. I’m not so sure.

Star Ratings on planksip

Hello, fellow planksipians, subject to some minor changes and ongoing updates the following graph (see below) represents the number of star ratings associated with posts in the Figures of Speech section.

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