Compassion Curators

What it means to be a man is a virtuous act of forgiveness, courage and duty. The ability to respond is, in part, a social partnership of circumstance and the will of the people as a collective. 

By David Hume, Adam Smith, Arthur Schopenhauer, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Carl Jung, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Umberto Eco,

Dec 21, 2022
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Compassion Curators

Be a philosopher but, amid all your philosophy be still a man.
— David Hume (1711-1776)
A Philosopher's Lapidary Swinging a Chain Reaction to the Giver of Life - A planksip Möbius

A Philosopher's Lapidary Swinging a Chain Reaction to the Giver of Life

Compassion Curators

Be a philosopher but, amid all your philosophy be still a man.
— David Hume (1711-1776)

The titled responsion points to the sunshine, this pendulum isn't right or left, it pulsates life itself. I am referring to a sun worship of sorts.

What it means to be a man is a virtuous act of forgiveness, courage, and duty. The ability to respond is, in part, a social partnership of circumstance and the people's will as a collective. The pendulum of tolerance and acceptance swings from left to right in politics, up and down in religion, proximal and distal in biology, and in and out of life.

Holistic Happiness

What can be added to the happiness of a man who is in health, out of debt, and has a clear conscience?
— Adam Smith (1723-1790)

The titled responsion looks at happiness from a wider point of view, however, fleeting that may sound.

The rays of sunshine polished on the lap of this swinger and youthful philosopher. The experience is ephemeral. Polish your perspective, and the chain reaction will move you!  

The Pendulum Postulate Never Ends in Boredom

Life swings like a pendulum backward and forward between pain and boredom.
— Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

The titled responsion refers to the pendulums of luxury and forgiveness. The ending is antithetical to boredom otherwise we wouldn't use a pendulum metaphor.

A pendulum postulate, a swing, and an ephemeral sun beyond the timelines of our psychological imagining. How can we conceive of life without the son?

Rise Up From Where You Lie

Rise like Lions after slumber In unvanquishable number — Shake your chains to earth like dew Which in sleep had fallen on you — Ye are many — they are few.
— Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822)

The titled responsion plays on laying down and being untruthful. To add insult to injury, the ideal lie is a lion; the past tense of a tense biblical story. My name is Daniel.  

Us versus them is a dichotomy of pride et al, pursued by the length of a lion, sheepish at times, and a foul replacement of an odor.  Chains can elevate, but the motion is circular. Heightening the senses requires environmental feedback, not tipping points.

Some Bonds are Stronger Than Others

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.
— Carl Jung (1875-1961)

The titled responsion is a simultaneity of sorts. Bonds are broken and reformed, strength comes from?? A variety of considerations could summarize the origin story of strength. As a virtue, the choice is up to you and certainly involves discipline.

When it comes to human interaction and the plasticity of personality, an iterative and ongoing interpretation model adaptively benefits the individual. The common goal of the Good is, in itself, a Platonic ideal of the highest priority. The God perversion transfers the simplicity of this message through embodiment figures and atheists alike.

Consumption Apéritif is a Debt Served in Soledad

Her voice is full of money.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940)

The titled responsion is more of an after-dinner formality, however sad that may sound. The anticipatory response from her could be one of giving or a scheme of sorts.

I remember a point in time with the planksip membership when I paid writers to provide written content. Now, I realize that selecting the writers was something that I have to take responsibility for, but I want to take this opportunity to let you know that the previous version of this paragraph was absolutely horrible!

I am not saying that the replacement, which you are now reading, is some sort of pinnacle of the written language but it is an honest blog article documenting the frustration I experienced working with "content writers".

Where do we go from here? If you are still with me, we need you. We need good writers that have some "skin in the game". Be a part of the solution, not the problem, join planksip as a paid member and help change what consumption means.

Said the Prophet

Fear prophets and those prepared to die for the truth, for as a rule they make many others die with them, often before them, at times instead of them.
— Umberto Eco (1932-2016)

The titled responsion is prophetical, and yet there is nothing about Umberto's warning that is pointing towards an early dismissal. For this, I commend him. Now I am trying to think of something witty to say that bridges prophet with profit. I am coming up blank, I am dying here; can you help me out?

The fear prophets of the "New World Order" are there, ready to die for the truth and will stop at nothing until they get what they want. Many of them do not even want to be born in this world, and they want to live in some kind of heaven where they can have unlimited access to everything and everyone that they want.

They don't care who they hurt or who gets hurt. They want to rule the world and have unlimited access to all that is good so that they can build up the world to be like their dream world. And to be honest, I think they will probably get what they want. They are brilliant people, and they know how to manipulate people and they know how to think like a robot. And it looks like they have already started doing this. And they are already getting what they want, and they just aren't willing to put it into action, but they can't just go out there and do it because if they do, they will get in trouble.

I wonder how long the "New World Order" will stay in power. And the truth is that they will not last very long because soon, people will realize that their world is falling apart. They are about to be destroyed and unsure how to get out of it. No one is looking forward to it; they are just trying to make it happen. Well, I hope these fear prophets of the New World Order get what they want; the only way to do that is to expose them. After all, if you do not get them, they won't stay in power and will not last very long.

A Philosopher's Lapidary Swinging a Chain Reaction to the Giver of Life — A planksip Möbius

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